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Which Is Best – Glossy Or Matte Stickers?

When it comes to selecting the finish of your stickers, are matte stickers or glossy stickers better?

Some of this is a matter of personal preference, but there are pros and cons to each that you have to be aware of!

difference between matte finish sticker and glossy finish sticker

What is a matte sticker?

Matte stickers have a dull (not shiny) printed surface and are a great choice for decals that will be outdoors.

For example, matte printable vinyl sticker paper tends to be much more durable, water-resistant, and even dishwasher safe in some cases.

They also collect less dust and show fewer fingerprints when touched.

However the main drawback to matte stickers is that the colors tend to pop less and are less vibrant than glossy stickers.


  • Highly durable
  • More water-resistant
  • Can be dishwasher safe
  • Collect less debris & fingerprints
  • Fade less in direct sunlight


  • Less vibrant
  • Not as high quality printing
  • Non-reflective (could be a pro!)
glossy printable vinyl sticker paper by royal elements

What is a glossy sticker?

Glossy stickers reflect light, display printed colors more vibrantly, and tend to pop more as compared to matte finish stickers.

However, in the case of printable vinyl sticker paper, glossy printable vinyl has a few drawbacks.

Glossy stickers tend to collect more debris.

They also are less durable & water resistant than their matte counterpart (this is from internal research and comparing our own Royal Elements printable vinyl sticker paper).

Glossy stickers are excellent for indoor applications where matte finish stickers tend to be more for outdoor use.


  • High-gloss, shiny surface
  • Tends to print more vibrant colors
  • Sharper & higher quality images


  • Collect more debris & fingerprints
  • Less durable than matte stickers
  • Fade more in direct sunlight
  • Possible ink smearing when printing

There are of course many additional finishes of stickers including holographicclear, gold, silver, patterned, etc.

For crafters and small businesses looking to stand out, these variety of options are a great guerilla marketing tactic to catch the eye of potential customers.

Royal Elements offers a variety of printable vinyl sticker paper, decal paper, and more here on our shop page.

Take some time to get familiar with each type of finish and choose wisely!

Happy crafting!
Michael from Royal Elements

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