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How To Make Stickers On Canva To Sell Online For Beginners

In this article, We will show you how to create your own stickers on Canva and start selling them online on platforms like Etsy. 

With the help of Canva and a third-party printing website like Printful, you can easily design and print your own stickers to sell online for profit. So let’s get started!

Signing Up for Canva

The first step is to head over to and sign up for an account. 

You can use any email account to sign up. 

For additional tool and images you can sign up for Canva Pro for $14.99 per month but using the free plan is also good enough in most cases.

Once you have signed up, you can start designing your stickers.

Designing Your Stickers on Canva

Step 1: Click on “Custom Size” and make sure to convert the size from pixels to inches.

Step 2: Set the canvas size to 8.5 by 11 inches or any other size you prefer. A square canvas works well for aligning stickers.

Step 3: Zoom in as much as possible to get a better view of your design.

Step 4: Go to the “Elements” section and choose a theme for your sticker collection. For example, if you want a Valentine’s Day theme, search for “heart” in the graphics section.

Step 5: Select the designs you like and place them on the canvas. 

Step 6: You can choose simple or more complex designs, depending on your preference.

Step 7: Search for other elements like “love” and continue adding designs to your collection. Make sure to leave an appropriate gap between the stickers to allow for cutting.

Step 8: Explore more design options by clicking on “See All” and selecting recommended designs.

Step 9: Once you are satisfied with your sticker collection, click on “Download” and choose the file format you prefer (PDF, PNG, JPG, or PDF Print).

Printing Your Stickers with Printful

After designing your stickers on Canva, you need to find a printing website. 

Step 1: One option is Printful, but you can also use other platforms like Redbubble.

Step 2: Search for stickers on Printful and choose the “Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet” option.

Step 3: Click on “Start Designing” and then “Create Your Order.”

Step 4: Add your sticker designs by uploading the file you downloaded from Canva.

Step 5: Crop the excess borders of your canvas if desired.

Step 6: Use the transform tool to adjust the overall alignment of your stickers.

Step 7: Make sure there is an appropriate distance between the stickers to avoid merging.

Step 8: Scale the sticker sheet to fit and click on “Continue.”

Step 9: Preview your sticker sheet to see how it will look when printed. Adjust the spacing if necessary.

Step 10: Get a price estimate and shipping information.

You can choose to sell your stickers on platforms like Etsy or create your own e-commerce store.


Creating and selling your own stickers is a fun and creative way to express yourself and make some extra income. 

With Canva and a printing website like Printful, you can easily design and print high-quality stickers to sell online.

 Follow the steps outlined in this article to create your own unique sticker collection and start selling them on platforms like Etsy.

 Remember to leave appropriate gaps between the stickers for cutting and consider customizing the colors and designs to fit your theme. 

With the ability to create as many stickers as you want, the possibilities are endless. 

So get creative, have fun, and start making money with your own sticker business!

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