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7 Ways to Save Old Stickers And Make Them Sticky Again

If you’re trying to save or refurbish old stickers, but don’t want to damage or mange them in the process, you’re in the right place!

Method 1: Double-Sided Tape:

Applying double-sided tape to the back of a sticker is one of the simplest and most effective methods for rejuvenating its stickiness. 

The double-sided tape provides a fresh adhesive surface, offering a reliable solution to ensure your sticker stays firmly attached. 

How-to: Cut a piece of double-sided tape to match the size of the sticker. Apply it to the back of the sticker, ensuring full coverage. Then, peel off the tape backing and affix the sticker to your desired surface. It’s a quick and straightforward process.

Method 2: Glue Stick:

A humble glue stick can become your sticker’s best friend. 

By applying a thin, even layer of glue to the back of the sticker, allowing it to dry, and then affixing it to your desired surface, you can restore stickiness with ease. 

How-to: Coat the back of the sticker with a glue stick, ensuring an even application. Let the glue dry completely to avoid a messy situation. Once dry, press the sticker onto the desired surface. It’s a quick and easy fix.

Method 3: Adhesive Spray: 

Adhesive spray is the go-to choice when stickers need a robust adhesive boost. 

A light coat on the sticker’s back, a brief waiting period, and you’re all set to stick it once again. 

How-to: In a well-ventilated area, apply a light, even coat of adhesive spray to the back of the sticker. Allow it to sit for the recommended duration as specified on the product label. Afterward, press the sticker onto the surface you desire, and you’ll find it securely in place.

Method 4: Masking Tape: 

Masking tape is not just for masking off areas while painting; it can also revitalize your stickers. 

It works by removing dust and debris from the sticker’s adhesive side while enhancing its stickiness. 

How-to: Place a piece of masking tape over the adhesive side of the sticker. Press it down firmly, ensuring good contact. Then, gently peel off the masking tape. This process effectively cleans the sticker and restores its stickiness.

And if you’re looking to remove excess or older sticker reside – check out this article we posted on the top 10 ways to remove sticker residue.

Method 5: Clear Packing Tape: 

Clear packing tape, commonly used for sealing boxes, can also be a savior for your stickers. 

When applied over the front of a sticker, pressed firmly, and peeled off, it removes dirt and debris from the sticker’s surface, restoring its stickiness. 

How-to: Lay a piece of clear packing tape over the sticker’s front, ensuring complete coverage. Press it down firmly and then peel it away in one smooth motion. You’ll reveal a clean and rejuvenated sticker ready to stick again.

Method 6: Rubber Cement:

 Brushing a thin layer of rubber cement onto the back of your sticker can provide a long-lasting adhesive solution. 

Once dry, the sticker can be pressed onto the desired surface with renewed stickiness. 

How-to: Apply a thin, even layer of rubber cement to the back of the sticker. Allow it to dry completely; this is crucial to ensure the sticker adheres effectively. Once dry, press the sticker onto the desired surface, and it should stay put.

Method 7: Sticker Restorer Solution: 

Commercial sticker restorer solutions are tailor-made for reviving old stickers. 

These products are designed specifically to reactivate the adhesive properties of stickers, making them as good as new. 

How-to: Follow the product’s instructions closely. Generally, you’ll apply the solution to the sticker’s back, allowing it to work its magic. Once ready, reattach the sticker to the surface, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in stickiness.

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Happy crafting!

Michael from Royal Elements

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