Top 5 BEST Printable Vinyl and Sticker Paper Products by Royal Elements

Top 5 BEST Printable Vinyl and Sticker Paper Products by Royal Elements

When it comes to creating your own customized stickers or decals, you have a lot of options. Should you use printable vinyl, regular sticker paper, or waterslide decal paper? What about the color and finish? How about the material?  Each one of our Royal Elements printable vinyl and sticker paper products are tailored for a unique purpose.

1. Matte White Printable Vinyl

Royal Elements matte inkjet printable vinyl is an incredible option for print and cut options using cutting machines such as Silhouette or Cricut. Its highlighted features are; waterproof, dishwasher safe, and tear resistant. 

This is the most permanent, durable printable vinyl in our collection. The adhesive back is both strong yet removable- leaving no residue due to the water-based technology used in manufacturing.

2. Clear Printable Vinyl

Clear printable vinyl is another amazing option if you want the background of the sticker to blend in with the object. Its best used with light or white surfaces, and has a beautiful glossy finish. 

We have two different options: a thicker, translucent clear sticker paper (includes 10 sheets per pack), or a thinner, clearer option. Both print gorgeous vibrant images but we recommend our thinner option (includes 20 sheets per pack) to display against clear surfaces where the background is more noticeable.

3. Glossy White Printable Vinyl

This is a customer favorite- including both incredibly durable vinyl and a beautiful glossy white finish that displays color vibrantly. 

Being both tear resistant and waterproof (like all of our printable vinyl options) makes this sticker paper a versatile option which can be used on custom tumblers, phone cases, laptops, and nearly every smooth, hard surfaces.

4. Premium Glossy White Photo Sticker Paper

This option is wonderful for indoor applications, where a durable vinyl material is not needed. 

Coated with a specialized inkjet coating, this glossy sticker paper is thin and glossy, which both reduces jamming and prints as beautifully as photo paper while having the added benefit of being able to cut, peel and stick on any hard, smooth surface of your choice!


5. Waterslide Decal Paper

Waterslide decal paper is a different kind of image transfer option. Crafters usually love this option for providing a painted-on look when crafting custom tumblers. This option requires an aerosol fixative spray of 3 coatings to seal and protect the image. 

A bowl of water is required to transfer the decal and to remove the paper backing and simultaneously activated the adhesive. We have a few blog articles about this, including a video tutorial for visual learners.

All of these sticker paper and printable decal options are beautiful and unique in the own way, each deserving a spot in your crafting arsenal. 

One extra tip we have for you is to consider using Royal Elements clear laminating sheets to protect your image, especially for outdoor heavy use such as for bumper stickers. Placing a laminating sheet over top of your craft can increase its life expectancy by over two years!


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