You – Yes YOU – Need Envelope Seals (Here is How to Make Them)

You – Yes YOU – Need Envelope Seals (Here is How to Make Them)
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Lick-to-seal envelopes are a fairly modern invention, but the sending of letters and documents is ancient. So, what did people use to seal their letters and envelopes prior to the 1830s?  They used sealing wax.


These days we see seals as fun ways to add a bit of cheer to a letter or a nice way for a company to remind you of their logo and slogan. However, back in the day a seal carried much more weight. Not only did it keep important information closed until the right person could break the seal and read the document, it also carried (in some cases) legal implications. Seals were a literal stamp of authority, like how a signature is today.


Over the years, seals became more accessible and the seal became more of a decorative way for a family to impart their crest on envelopes and documents. While corporate seals still carry weight in the world of business and legal affairs, there is no reason why you can’t create your own fun or cheeky sticker envelope seal. Today we will show you how.


What is a sticker envelope seal?

A sticker envelope seal is a sticker used to help keep an envelope shut and/or add a decorative touch. You will see sticker envelope seals mainly at Christmas as people use them to add a bit more cheer to their Christmas cards.


What do I need to make a sticker envelope seal?

Making your own sticker envelope seal is fun and easy. You will need:


  • A computer or laptop with any basic design functionality (Word, Canva, Avery templates, etc.).
  • Printable self-adhesive sticker vinyl. Choose among glossy white, clear, or vinyl.
  • A home printer or access to a copy shop
  • Your imagination


That’s it! That is all you need to make your own sticker envelope seals.


How to make your seals

Decide on the shape of your seal. Since you will be printing sheets of them, strongly consider using a Word or Avery label template. This allows you to design your seal once, then use the functionality of the program to copy the seal into every space on the template. Then it’s just a matter of printing and cutting them out. However, if you have an oddly shaped seal in mind, you can still create one then place several on the sheet using cut and paste.


Some ideas for seals include:

  • Your family name in a nice font
  • A cheerful message
  • An old-fashioned mock seal that looks like a wax impression
  • A picture of your pets
  • Seals for themed days such as Christmas or Thanksgiving
  • Hearts and other affectionate expressions for messages to your loved ones
  • A pet portrait


Remember, your sticker envelope seals are for fun. They really can be anything you want them to be, as long as they are small enough to fit on the pointed (or flat) flap of the envelope and not obscure anything important such as tracking labels.


If you are sending packages (yes you can pop a seal on any package you wish too) and want your seal to have more durability, add a laminating sheet. This is a great idea if you are a seller on Amazon, Shopify or Etsy and you want to add a personal touch like a thank you seal, your logo, or your social media handles. In these cases, the seals can go on the package or inside to hold the tissue protecting the items.


Does anyone send letters anymore?

Yes! Of course the preferred method of communication these days is email or social media, but letters are still flying around the globe. In fact, if you haven’t sent a letter for awhile, get some pretty stationary and start writing. Write a letter to your kids, your partner, that friend you haven’t seen for while. Write a letter to a store or restaurant whose service impressed you. Seal your letter and mail it or hand it to the recipient. In a world where most of our interactions are digital, a handwritten and sealed letter can make someone’s day.



Sticker envelope seals are fun and easy to make. You don’t need much, just a way to design them (and there are plenty of templates out there for this) and some printable sticker vinyl. You can put anything you want on your seal, as long as it is small enough for its intended function. You can make batches of seals for special occasions like Christmas. Send some handwritten letters to people you care about. It feels good to both give and receive a written, sealed, letter.


Ready to have fun making sticker envelope seals? Royal Elements has everything you need. Our online store sells printable vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl along with transfer tape, laminating sheets, magnetic sheets and more. We love to see the projects you make using Royal Elements products. Post your results online with the hashtag #royalelementsstickers so we can feature your designs on our social networks.


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