What Is A Sticker Bomb? The Ultimate Guide To Sticker Bombing

What Is A Sticker Bomb? The Ultimate Guide To Sticker Bombing
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Did you know? 

Sticker art has been around for centuries, but they are now everywhere that people have stopped noticing them.  

You will often find them in newspapers, clubs, bar bathrooms, light poles, bus shelters and walls – Absolutely anywhere you can stick something. 


So What Exactly Is Sticker Bombing or A Sticker Bomb? 

Sticker bombing is a form of art in which artists infuse together hundreds or even thousands of stickers in a striking, breathtaking collage.  

Sticker bombing has been part of the culture for many centuries. For many, sticker bombing is an affordable way to display aesthetic creativity. 

Whatever your impulse is, sticker bombs are an excellent way to get your ideas in front of the public in a clear, interactive exhibit for people to enjoy or even snap a selfie. It is a chance to change any surface into something attractive and different.  

Some artists design sticker bombs in predetermined patterns so that from a distance, it looks like a big picture or shape of an image. But up close, the different forms of individual stickers become more transparent and attract the viewer to have another look. 


Sticker Bombing Is A Type Of Graffiti 

Graffiti art—and its role in cities—has been shown in many movies, library exhibits and books. 

But what about its trendy relative, sticker art? In the 80s and ’90s, “sticker bombing,” more understood as “slapping,” became quite famous as well, with artists creating their stickers and giving them labels in cities all over the world. 

While lots of city governments banned sticker bombing, this was a quick and easy way to slap a sticker on any bike rack or wall they chose.  The art formed a layer cake of bright paper as it grew over the years. 


Sticker Bombing Is Everywhere And Still Trendy 

So sticker bombing is everywhere, and it’s not like  you can only sticker bomb a wall. Anything and absolutely anything can be sticker bombed.  

From smartphones, laptops, keychains, cars, anything you can possibly think of can be turned into a visually appealing piece of art.  

Many trendy cafes and restaurants also have a sense of utilizing them for their interior decor or give an open invitation to anyone who participates add their own stickers. 


Let’s Talk About Types Of Sticker Bombing! 

A sticker bomb is a carefully planned and a well-placed assortment of stickers that you like, to form art work and an expression like no other.  

You don’t need to cover every small part of the object with stickers to make it look like a high-quality sticker bomb. You can try different variations of sticker bombing. And yes, there are different variations of sticker bombing.  

  • Classic – There is a classic version of sticker bombing, and that involves a lot of stickers stuck to an object that gives quite an aesthetic look from a distance, but when you view it up close, you realize most of the stickers are not too interesting.
  • Slap Tagging – So slap tagging is where you randomly post stickers that you like on a postbox or street sign, it’s a way that artists use to do some awesome street art slaps. 
  • Mosaic –  In mosaic-style sticker bombing, you use similarly colored stickers to create a complete artwork with detailed sticker designs to catch the attention of the viewer as they come closer to it. 


Is Sticker Bombing Illegal? 

Well, it is illegal, and it would be truly unfortunate of getting caught while doing sticker bombing as it is charged as vandalism and can get you in jail for a night. Also, it will be on your felony record. 

So if you plan to go around the city sticker bombing, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and keep an eye for any cops. In case you are caught, it would be wise not to lie to the police and politely explain to them that it was merely an artistic expression, and you weren’t aware that it’s a crime.  


How Can You Sticker Bomb Yourself?  

Initially, prep your surface area. You need to clean it first and make it dust-free. You don’t want the stickers looking bad and only to be stripped off later. Use cleanser and a rubbing pad or brush to get it ready.  

Now, start assembling a large number of stickers. If you are a company owner trying to do this in your place, you can get similar ones made to combine them with others.  

Don’t be afraid to overload them. The ones that are placed at the start are usually going to be the least obvious. Place them working at all angles.  If there are breaks in it, don’t overlay it too often, or they will not hold up. 

There are several surfaces to choose from. Your table, wall, laptop, and even smartphone can look fabulous.

Additionally, vinyl stickers remove easily without leaving any traces. So you don’t need to bother about ever needing to replace it, you can easily remove them. Even though it seems pretty simple, it’s essential to plan out your sticker bombing carefully.  


How Do I Prevent My Sticker Bomb From Peeling Off? 


  1. The first thing you need to do is sprinkle the surface with cleaning spray and remove any dust with a cloth. 
  1. Pull the lining from the sticker and place the sticker over the exterior with your hands. 
  1. Place a piece of wax paper over the sticker to protect it, and smooth down the sticker with a credit card. 
  1. Lift the wax paper and check the sticker for air bubbles. Pierce air bubbles with a little safety pin, forcing the air out with your thumbs to guarantee a secure bond between sticker and surface. 


Give Sticker Bombing A Try 

So we would advise that if you are trying sticker bombing for the first time, you should start small. Many artists make a common mistake when starting to sticker bomb, and that is they underestimate the number of stickers that are needed to cover the surface. 

You can start practicing by sticker bombing a laptop or a skateboard before you head towards your car. With time, you will get more experience, and you will be able to work well with vinyl, understand its characteristics, and know what it can do and what it can’t do.  

Sticker bombing is quite fun, but also time-consuming because of its artwork, and anything that involves creativity needs time. So don’t rush it. 


Custom Sticker For Sticker Bombing Are Creative, Fun And Affordable 

Royal Elements knows that sticker bombing is a form of art, and art lovers can’t keep themselves away from this creativity for long. 

That’s why we have custom stickers available in different size batches – so if you aren’t interested in bulk buying, you can still easily purchase them. You can order your sticker paper from us and get them delivered at your doorstep quickly and easily. 

Let’s Wrap It Up! 

So do you have any questions ? Is sticker bombing a nay or yay for you? Or do you believe that stickers should be left off to cars entirely? Or perhaps you love the idea of sticker bombing, and desire it everywhere and anywhere! 

Whatever your verdict is, we’d love to hear it below in the comments, or email us at info@royalelements.com

Happy crafting!


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