Trendy Sticker Templates

Trendy Sticker Templates
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On our blog we talk a lot about being creative with your sticker designs and creating unique projects – but there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a template or download to get the stickers you want either! Perhaps you just want stickers of a design you like, a show you love, or just see something cool that would make a great sticker in your home or office. Maybe you like making stickers but don’t care for the design process. It’s all good! Sticker templates are a fun and fast way to make the stickers you love.


This blog will help you find trendy sticker templates for 2022, but first, are sticker templates even legal?


Are sticker templates legal?

While some areas are very grey (for example bumper stickers) or flat out illegal (sticker bombing public property), other areas, such as using art you find online can be legal or not, depending on the source. So, are sticker templates legal?  It depends on if you are using and paying for a licensed product… and even then, there are caveats.


The rule of thumb is this: if an unknown artist is offering free templates from a typically licensed product, steer away. Products that are licensed are protected; for a small fee you can purchase the right to use the template from the licensing source. For example, if someone is offering hyper realistic Disney character sticker templates but they have no affiliation with Disney, you should steer clear. That being said – and this is where the areas of grey come in – it is generally fine to use any type of sticker for your own personal use if you do not plan to profit from it.


If you just want lovely Disney stickers to decorate your room, the Disney “police” are not going to be ripping them off your wall. But, they could send a cease and desist letter to the person drawing and selling the templates.


When it comes to using art legally, recognize that licensed and copywritten products are so for good reason, and proceed ethically. We all like to be credited for, and profit from, our work and big corporations like Disney are no exception.


Trendy sticker templates

Now on to the fun part! Ready to find some trendy sticker templates for 2022?


  • Disney: We started off by talking about Disney, so let’s start here. com is the official site for the company. If you want legal Disney characters, type “template” into the search bar and you will get a list of templates using popular Disney themes and characters. These templates change often – there may not be sticker templates on the day of your search – but you are sure to find fun crafts and projects either way.


  • Canva: Canva is an online design tool with tons of options for free and paid stickers in all shapes and sizes. Use their templates as is, or customize the colors and graphics as much as you want. Canva also has free and paid graphics and fonts so you can easily change up the template and personalize your design.


  • Labels: Organization has been the rage for a few years now (thank you Marie Kondo!) so what is definitely trending for sticker templates in 2022 are organizational labels. Here you have a lot of free options for including Avery, Word, Canva, Worldlabel, and Online Labels (some are paid, some are free on this site).


  • Planner Stickers: Vision boards and planners are trending in 2022. To get sticker templates for these, check out Pineapple Paper and Lovely Planner.


  • Kids Stickers: These stickers are great for lunch box notes, chore charts, and diaries. There’s a great selection of free kid sticker templates at Stickers and Charts.


How to print stickers when using a template

It couldn’t be easier to print stickers when using a downloadable template. For premade stickers, simply choose glossy, clear or matte printable vinyl for your laser or inkjet home printer; download the template; hit print; then cut out your stickers.


For labels, you can use the process above and cut them out, or you can choose to buy precut label sheets at your local copy shop. If you use this method and need more durable labels, you can always top them with a laminating sheet.


If you are printing sticker templates to use on irregular surfaces, or have trouble lining your sticker up to be centred, choose waterslide vinyl. Waterslide has a slow drying adhesive that allows you to slide the sticker around until you are happy with its placement.



It’s a lot of fun to design your stickers but there is nothing wrong with using templates too. It is legal to use art online when you abide by copyright and licensing laws. When in doubt, take the ethical high road. Choose blank labels, fully premade stickers or labels, or go hybrid where you can change the colors and fonts on a premade sticker. Then simply print it out using your home printer and enjoy! Add a laminating sheet for extra durability and waterproofing, or use waterslide vinyl for irregular surfaces.


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