Tips for Making Black and White Stickers

Tips for Making Black and White Stickers
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Making your owns stickers only requires a few things you already have – like a printer and a computer. With the addition of high-quality printable sticker vinyl and a little creativity, you can make beautiful black and white stickers for yourself, your friends, your family, or even for sale. This blog will guide you through the process from start to finish of making your own black and white stickers.

Why black and white stickers?

Art is beautiful in any form, but there is something striking about black and white artistry. This method usually involves designs with bold lines, balanced negative space, and frankly, leaves the artist with nowhere to hide! Every element of a black and white design is on display due to the high levels of contrast in the piece. Do black and white stickers sound complicated? They are not! Read on to learn how to make beautiful, striking black and white stickers from home.

What you need to make black and white stickers

First, gather your materials. You need:

  • A printer or laptop
  • A design program such as MS Word, Canva, Avery templates, Paint, etc.
  • Printable sticker vinyl

Printable sticker vinyl is what enables crafters of all skill levels to create beautiful stickers from home. It comes in several forms, including glossy, clear, and matte. You can use a template to get several stickers on one sheet or make full-sized stickers that take up the whole sheet. It’s easy to cut printable sticker vinyl with scissors too, so unlike with adhesive (non printable) vinyl, you won’t need to invest in a Cricut® or similar cutting machine. Printable sticker vinyl has one side that receives the image. Then, to use the sticker, simply peel off the backing and expose the adhesive. Printable sticker vinyl is affordable and easy to store. It doesn’t take up a lot of room – this makes it an ideal hobby for any crafter.

How to design your black and white stickers

To make your black and white stickers, first determine if these are for fun or for profit. If you are making stickers for your own personal use, you can use any image you choose (unless it is watermarked or only for purchase by the artist). This means you can have black and white stickers of your favourite pop culture icons, black and white stickers with sayings you love, abstract stickers, and more. You can even try your hand at some of the top sticker design trends for 2020.

If your stickers will be put on tumblers, mugs, and other items you wish to sell, you can only use royalty-free or non-copywritten art, make your own original art, or purchase a licence/pay a royalty fee.

Next, select a design program. Word is a good choice because it’s readily available on most home computers. By choosing file/new then typing “label” into the search bar that appears, you can access templates in all sizes that allow you to make black and white stickers of up to 30 per page. Don’t worry that these templates come pre-loaded with design ideas. You can delete the design elements, or greyscale them to make your own black and white stickers.

Canva is a more sophisticated program that comes pre-loaded with free and for-purchase graphics. It has drag-and-drop templates that you can use to make your black and white stickers.

Using the program of your choice, lay out your stickers and either update them across the template, or make a variety of individual designs on the sheet.

Design elements for your black and white stickers

Black and white stickers are bold, so be sure to use negative space appropriately. Negative space is a desktop design term that simply means balancing white space in and around your image. Having a white border around the image so it doesn’t run to the edge of the sticker, for example, is a great use of negative space. Offsetting a small image on a larger background and having it surrounded by white space is another way to be impactful, yet simplistic in your design.

Fonts are often used in black and white stickers because having black font on a white background is visually striking. When using fonts, ensure that your choices are easy to read. Too many words in script, or a font that uses very condensed spacing, can be difficult to read. Vary your fonts in your design to add visual interest.

Geometric shapes and patterns are also popular for black and white stickers, because the high contrast allows the shape to really pop. If you are an artist and can draw black and white geometric illusions, consider making, then scanning, your art to create unique black and white stickers.

Greyscale, another desktop design publishing term, means using shades of black and grey in place of color. Most design programs allow you to change a colored image to greyscale, so if there is a picture or graphic you love but can only get in color, you can greyscale it to make your black and white stickers.

Printing your black and white stickers

Printable sticker paper comes formulated for laser or inkjet printers. Be sure to check which printer you have and get the corresponding sticker vinyl. Inkjet and laser printers operate in very different ways. The sticker paper is designed to optimize these differences and ensure a smudge-free, vivid, high-contrast, lasting image.

Enjoy your black and white stickers!

Once you have designed and printed your black and white stickers, it’s time to enjoy them. Stickers are a great addition to school binders, lockers (if allowed), car bumpers, mugs – anywhere you want to be reminded of your favorite imagery. Printable sticker vinyl is easy to remove, but you should always be careful of where you place your stickers. Don’t put them on other people’s property and don’t put them on a surface where the paint or finishing can be affected. Static cling decals are a good alternative to such surfaces.


Black and white stickers are special because they are simple but striking and elegant. They are a great way to showcase sayings, geometric patterns, and high-contrast images. To make black and white stickers, you need a printer, a design program, and printable sticker vinyl. Sticker vinyl is available in matte, clear, or glossy. You can print one or several stickers on it, then easily cut them out. Design your sticker with the best use of fonts and negative space. Scan your own artwork for one-of-a-kind black and white stickers. Make sure you have inkjet sticker vinyl for inkjet printers, or laser sticker vinyl for laser printers. Don’t put stickers on someone else’s property without permission, and don’t use designs you will sell if the art is already copywritten. Making your own black and white stickers is easy: design, print, cut, and enjoy your creations! The most important element is to have fun while being creative.

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