The ULTIMATE Guide To Small Business Stickers – Boost ROI with this simple yet EFFECTIVE Tactic!

The ULTIMATE Guide To Small Business Stickers – Boost ROI with this simple yet EFFECTIVE Tactic!
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If you run or are thinking of starting a small business, you know the most important rule: lower overhead means higher profit. However, low overhead does not mean skimping out on quality. From marketing to production, you need to manage costs while providing a high quality result for your clients. Thankfully, this digital age has put small business owners at an advantage like never before. Entrepreneurs have a choice – a global choice – in where to source their talent and products; and, they have the chance to leverage their own products around the world. There is one product that any small business owner can use to boost their brand locally and abroad: small business stickers.

What Are Small Business Stickers?

Small business stickers are customized stickers you use to promote your company, create brand recognition and use on the items you create. You could run down to your local craft or dollar store and get premade stickers, but why use those cheap stickers when you can have high-quality, durable, professional, small business stickers in minutes? Stickers that actively work toward your profit?

What Do I Need to Make Small Business Stickers?

You may be thinking that you must send a digital file to a printer to get small business stickers, but you can easily create your own at home – and yes, they will look just as good, if not better, than anything a digital printing service can provide. The advantage in doing it yourself is that low overhead we talked about earlier. Most printing services have minimum orders that are exorbitant for small business owners. Who needs 1,500 logo stickers when all you wanted was 100? You can buy single packs of sticker paper online and only print as much as you need at a time.

To make your own stickers at home or in your office, here is what you need:

  • An inkjet or laser printer
  • High-quality, durable sticker paper
  • Scissors or a CriCut (for more complicated shapes)
  • Any type of computer program, such as Word or Canva, that can manipulate or create images
  • A little imagination, which is never a problem for entrepreneurs!

Types of Sticker Paper

There is a vinyl sticker paper for any type of application you can think of, including magnetic, waterproof, waterslide (to move around until the adhesive sets), white background, clear background, glossy and matte. The type you choose depends on your project.

Incorporating Stickers at Every Stage of Your Small Business

Now for the fun part. Let’s look at how you can incorporate your small business stickers into your company.

Before the Launch

Buy blank products that have something to do with your brand and print a “coming soon” message, along with your logo, onto the sticker paper. Affix, hand out the items, and start creating some buzz about your brand.


  • A bakery: hand out plastic wrapped cookies with “something sweet is coming your way” on the stickers
  • Virtual assistant: hand out USB drives with “increase your capacity” on the stickers
  • Makers: small candles, mugs, mittens, etc. with “made by hand with love” on the stickers
  • Personal trainers: a fridge magnet with “goal getter” on the stickers

Glossy white or clear sticker vinyl are great choices for these small business stickers.

Ramping Up

After the launch of your company, you’ll be in full promotion mode. Now is when you need happy clients to organically promote you, and for trade show and conference guests to remember you. This is the perfect time to create “thank you for your business” or “thank you for your interest” small business stickers.

To create small, cost-effective items that won’t be discarded after a conference or when your client gets home, spend some time researching what people actually want for swag. Invest in items that they will use and keep in visible locations, like earbuds. Remember, since you are making your own small business stickers, you don’t have to have each set of earbuds (or whatever product you choose) engraved with your logo or messaging. Buy blank batches, create stickers, and make however many you need.

Whatever you choose – from mugs to smartphone cases, waterslide sticker vinyl is a good choice. Waterslide is available for inkjet and laser printers. The adhesive sets slowly so if your sticker is off center, you can simply slide it into place. For that etched-in look, use clear waterslide. To make your messaging stand out more choose white waterslide. If your item will be exposed to water or the elements (like a mug or bumper sticker), add a laminating sheet (put it over the entire sheet of stickers before you cut them out).

Staying Top of Mind

At some point you sit back and realize your business is a success. You have a growing client list, employees or contractors, and a good schedule that gives you that work/life balance you were aiming for. Now it’s time to get creative and stay ahead of the competition. For that, we turn to magnetic sticker paper. Magnetized sticker vinyl is the perfect option for fridge magnets and vehicles.

Have you seen those lovely decals adverting people’s businesses on their personal vehicles? You can have that too. Using a full sheet of magnetized sticker vinyl and a laminating top sheet, you can create a sign to put on your vehicle. This small business sticker can easily be removed and stored in the trunk when you are on personal, not work, time.

Magnetized sticker vinyl can also be used to:

  • Create business-card fridge magnets with your company information and logo
  • Create branded affirmations for your clients to keep in view
  • Create calendars with important dates highlighted
  • Create reminder magnets for things like subscription delivery dates

Small Business Stickers for You

Your clients are not the only ones that will benefit from small business stickers. They are a fun and creative way to make reminders for yourself, or to personalize a bullet journal. You can make affirmation stickers to remind you to push through the challenges of entrepreneurship, reward stickers to mark milestones on your calendar, and – of course – you can use your sticker paper for personal use too. Stickers for crafts, stickers for your kids’ lunch notes, etc. are great ways to get double duty out of, or use up leftover, sticker paper.

Beyond Small Business Stickers

All the reasons to use small business stickers that we mentioned above can also be applied to heat transfer vinyl.

Remember when you could make decals and iron them onto t-shirts? Heat transfer vinyl is the evolution of that. Today’s heat transfer vinyl (and make sure you are using vinyl, not transfer papers) creates long-lasting, brightly colored images on fabric. The possibilities are endless! Branded aprons for your bakeshop, t-shirts for conferences, eye glass cleaning wipes as giveaways, face towels for your personal fitness trainer clients!

Like the packages of vinyl you can get for small business stickers, heat transfer vinyl is available in small packs so you can print what you need, as you need it. In the past, getting high-quality branded items on fabric like t-shirts meant minimum orders. With a printer and heat transfer vinyl, you can save hundreds of dollars but get a very similar result.

A Note on Design

All you need to create small business stickers is a digital graphic or photo file that can be printed. Design can be as easy as using a template in Word or Avery, or as complicated as hand painting your design and then scanning it into the computer.

Small business stickers can still work if you do not want to create your own design. There are many graphic artists, logo builders, and other creatives that can make a digital file for you. Depending on where you are in your small business journey, you can find someone on Fiverr or UpWork, or talk to your local marketing firm.


The bottom line is this: you don’t need a huge cash investment to get a high return on small business stickers. All you need is sticker paper, heat transfer paper, a printer, your imagination, and a digital file. There are many different kinds of sticker paper to match any type of project you need. Sticker paper can be bought in small batches, removing you from the burden of high minimum orders and wasted excess inventory. You can do all the work yourself or have a digital file created professionally. However you choose to create your small business stickers, they will have a role in your company’s success.

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