Sticker Design Trends to Try in 2020

Sticker Design Trends to Try in 2020
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Fashion isn’t the only thing to have trends. The world of design has trends that come and go too. How else would we have fond memories of green shag carpets and pastel pink appliances? Art, although it is subjective, is another place we see trends and movements. But you don’t have to be a fashion designer, an interior designer, or an artist to create something trendy this year. With printable adhesive vinyl and your own computer, you can make stickers that are on point for 2020. Here are some easy sticker design trends to try.

Affirmations and inspirations

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year. The pandemic has taken a toll on the nation and many people’s health. During trying times, Americans are resilient and hopeful, which is why affirmations and inspirational sayings are trending right now. Affirmations are reminders of the strength in one’s self. Inspiration draws hope from outside sources. Whether you are using sticker design trends for yourself or for items you sell, affirmations and inspirations are sure to improve your day.

How to design affirmation and inspiration stickers?

Design your custom stickers with affirmations by choosing a nice font. The font should be easy to read; even though script is lovely, it is difficult to read it if your phrase is more than a few words long. The font should match the message. For example, if your affirmation is “I am bold,” your font should be strong and heavy. Don’t be shy about varying your fonts and font sizes too. The inspirational saying, “the little things matter,” is impactful when the word “little” is smaller than the rest of the text.

What are some good affirmations?

Use affirmations that resonate with you when designing for yourself. Use affirmations that speak to a broad audience when looking at sticker design trends for your gig or small business. Here are some trending affirmations for 2020:

  • In 2020 I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • I can do it
  • I am fully present in every moment in 2020
  • I am worthy of good things
  • I am joyous
  • I can forgive and I can heal
  • I am transforming my life this year

What are some good inspirations?

As with affirmations, use inspirations that resonate with you, or with a broad audience when using sticker design trends to decorate mugs, tumblers, wall signs, etc. Here are some inspirational sayings for 2020:

  • This too shall pass
  • We will rise again
  • Think about things differently
  • Be stronger than your excuses
  • Live for today, plan for tomorrow
  • Don’t quit

Cute Sticker Design Trends

“Cute culture” is always with us, from Lisa Frank’s colorful and charming designs to the ultra adorable pop culture characters reinvented with large heads, big eyes, and innocent grins. In these trying times of 2020, cute culture is seen everywhere because people need a visual, tangible break from their surroundings. Who among us doesn’t feel better for having taken their eyes off a complicated spreadsheet and hopped on r/aww (the aww subreddit) or Buzzfeed’s cute channel? There are several ways to leverage cuteness when it comes to sticker design trends. Here are a few of them: kawaii, anime, “baby” pop culture, and baby animal.

What is Kawaii?

Kawaii culture comes from Japan and it’s all about being youthful, adorable, soft, and childlike. One of the most famous characters to come from this movement is Hello Kitty.

What is anime?

Anime is hand or computer drawn animation art from Japan. While not all anime characters are cute, the overall style of anime is large eyes, rounded features, and softness – basically, the hallmarks of cuteness. Even the most ferocious of anime characters tend to pop into a wide-eyed, childlike state when startled, confused, or pensive.

What is “baby” pop culture?

Sticker design trends that include pop culture characters reframed in a babyish state are adorable. Just remember, when using pop culture or other branded characters, you cannot sell your stickers (or stickers used to create mugs, t-shirts, tumblers, wall art, etc.), unless you have the proper license. Check out our blog called Is it Legal to Use Art I Saw Online in my Sticker Design for more information on this topic. That being said, if you have a pop culture character you love, print up a sticker or two featuring their “baby” component. It will never fail to make you smile!

What is the baby animal cute trend?

This is a sticker design trend that doesn’t need an explanation! Baby animals are cute. Their adorableness and antics brighten our day. Designing stickers with baby animals is trendy right now simply because baby animals make us happy. Put those stickers (safely) on your car windows, your locker, your school binder, your desk – anywhere a little cuteness will brighten your day.

Self-expression stickers as a design trend

This year is characterized by more than the pandemic. Several important movements either gained momentum or launched during 2020. These movements are rooted in being proud and strong in one’s culture and identity. Many are also finding incredible strength in themselves and their communities during these times, giving rise to art that promotes self-expression and emotion. Use this in sticker design trends to freehand art that speaks to who you are. You can use any medium – pen, pencil, crayon, paint, digital, mixed media. While it’s easier to print digital art onto printable sticker vinyl, any art you create is easily turned into a digital file by simply taking a photo of it with your smartphone, or scanning it (if it’s a flat, safe-to-scan artwork) and saving the file on your computer. Once you have your digital file, you can resize it to fit a sticker template and even change up the colors and shadows, add a border, etc. Your work of self expression can be as simple or abstract as you please.


As with every historic event or movement, art is created that captures the mood of our times. This year, 2020, is one of the most historically significant of all time as the world deals with a pandemic, culture-based movements, extreme weather, and more. Art helps to motivate and heal us and provides an outlet for our emotions during these changing and challenging times. Some sticker design trends for 2020 include affirmations and inspiration; cute things like kawaii, anime, “baby” pop culture, and baby animals; and self expressionism. Remember, though, that art is subjective, even when its on a sticker. The best way to create art you love this year, and in the future, is to simply create art that moves you, speaks to your soul, encourages you, and provides something beautiful or thought provoking to others. Thanks to digital technology and affordable, printable sticker vinyl, anyone can find, create, and make art they love, and then make themselves a sticker so they have their expression of hope, cuteness, affirmation, or beauty on hand, whenever they need it the most.

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