Quick, Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Organized by Making Labels

Quick, Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Organized by Making Labels
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It’s spring and you know what that means – spring cleaning time! It’s that time of year when we freshen up the house, declutter, start those garage sales, and get reorganized for another year. For some, this is a welcome chore as they love the process of purging and recycling/upcycling unused household goods and creating more breathable, airy spaces in the home. For others, it’s a dreaded task that gets pushed right to the bottom of the to-do list. No matter where you fall on the scale of loving or loathing the task of organizing the home, sticker labels can help. Today we will discuss ways making labels can help you stay organized all year long.

Why Labels?

First of all, why making labels? What does the humble adhesive have to do with spring cleaning? Most goods we purchase come in their own colorful, bulky packaging that is not conducive to stacking or sitting nicely on a shelf. This leads to closets and pantries full of a mishmash of bags and boxes and a lot of wasted space. Repackaging goods and labeling the containers is a simple way to make a big difference. Also, décor! There is no reason why your labels can’t have your own personal style! In addition to helping you get organized, you can create beautiful labels with graphics, fonts, and colors that you love.

Ready? Let’s get started!

The Pantry

The kitchen pantry is one of the most essential, yet one of the most disorganized spaces in the home. Let’s face it, that great deal on flats of canned soup was awesome, and having dry goods like cereal and pasta make for quick meals, but when you look at the jumble of boxes and tins in the overflowing pantry, it’s easier to just close the door and order takeout! Not today! Let’s makeover the pantry by making labels.

First, take a look at the items you use the most. For many, it is pasta, rice, flour, cereal, potatoes, and snacks. Make a list of the items and head to your local value shopping destination (dollar store, big box store) where you can find food safe canisters, bins, and stacking containers.

The goal here is to create form and function. You want your most-used items to be stored efficiently but also convenient to access. If you use a lot of flour, for example, choose a wide mouth container that you can easily dip a large measuring scoop into. If you use a lot of rice, choose a container with a pourable spout and tight fitting lid.

Repackage your bulk goods and stack the containers neatly. This should save you space and make everything easier to access.

Now for the fun part – making labels!

Making labels for your pantry is by no means confided to just saying what is in the jar. If you can’t remember the ratio of rice to water for two, three, or four servings, put that on the label. If you have a favourite cookie recipe, put it on the back of the flour cannister. If there is a nice saying or a good morning greeting you like to start your day, put it on the cereal bin.

When making labels for the pantry, there will be times when you need temporary labels. For example, canisters for cookie add-ins like chocolate chips, sprinkles, or coconut may need to do double duty. In these cases, make labels that you can easily peel off and replace, or use a blank label with a chalkboard or whiteboard surface so you can just write on what is in the container.

What happens if you used a super sticky adhesive label and you need to remove it? No worries. Even the most stubborn of labels can be removed. There are links further down in this blog that take you to our advice on how to remove stubborn stickers.

The Bedroom Closet

Getting ready for the morning should be quick and easy but it’s a chore if you can’t find your favorite jeans, and your piles of clean clothes have meshed with the laundry on the floor. No worries, making labels comes to the rescue for this area of your house too!

Ideally, you’d have a roomy closet with plenty of shelves but for many, that is just not the case. So, let’s improvise. Head down to your local crafting store where you’ll find compact sliding bins in roller casings. These can double as a dresser in your closet. They are small enough to fit into confined spaces while still making the most of vertical space. These roller bins are ideal for socks, underwear, leggings, etc. As the bins are typically opaque, making labels does double duty here. It lets you know what is in what drawer, and thanks to your creativity, adds a bit of décor. Have fun with the color, font, size, and shape to give your makeshift dresser a bit more style.

Speaking of vertical space, don’t ignore the closet walls. If you have exposed wall space, add hooks to hold hoodies, necklaces, or scarves. Now go a step further and make your closet a warm and welcoming space by making labels with an artistic flair. Who says you can’t have a beautiful gallery wall in your closet? Imagine opening the door and being greeted by cheerful images you love every morning. Now that is how to start your day!

The Storage Room

Everyone has a storage place in the home be it a spare room, a junk drawer, or the laundry room where those Christmas boxes are stored. This room is typically the worst offender for disorganization in the home since it is where all the seldom used items go. If you shudder with dread when needing to find the camping cooler, the Christmas tree, or extra pack of pens you know you have, it’s time to organize the storage space.

Whether it’s a drawer or a spare room, you’ll want to put things in containers – pencil cases for small items, plastic bins for large items. Making labels is important here so you can quickly identify what is in the utility bins or bags. For this, you’ll want rugged, tear proof, labels that will withstand stacking. Printable adhesive vinyl is ideal for this, as it is naturally waterproof, tear resistant, colorfast, and durable.


Making labels is a fun, cheap, easy, fast way to get and stay organized. Not only will making labels help with your spring cleaning, it will help you stay organized all year long. Putting pantry staples in stackable containers and making labels that also have kitchen hacks (recipes, conversions, quantities, etc.) makes cooking easier and more fun. Making labels for your closet gets those smaller items into stackable bins and can also turn your closet into a private art gallery. Making labels for your storage room out of durable, printable vinyl means finding your seldom used items faster while keeping them from being hidden or damaged in a jumbled mess. If you need to remove a label, you can do so using tips on our blog.

Ready to make labels? Royal Elements sells printable and adhesive vinyl, along with transfer tape, laminating sheets, magnetic sheets, and more in our online store – and our blog has plenty of design tips. We love to see the projects you make using Royal Elements products. Post your results online with the hashtag #royalelementsstickers so we can feature your designs on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

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