Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips and Tricks!

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips and Tricks!
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For best results use Royal Elements printable iron-on heat
transfer vinyl with cotton 
or polyester fabric. This product works well with both light and

dark colored fabrics and is compatible with inkjet printers.


printable htv tshirt transfer paper image customization

1.     Create your image design

Find an image you like from google and edit it in the software of your choice (Word, Silhouette Studio, etc.) No image mirroring required for our Royal Elements Printable inkjet HTV for dark/light colors.

 2.     Adjust printer settings and print

Adjust printer settings to the closest setting to printable vinyl available to account for the thickness and consistency of the material. Feeding one sheet into your printer at a time may help reduce the chances of jamming.

3. Cut

Cut out with scissors to remove all extra white (unprinted) portions of the transfer. Adjust machine cutting settings to account for the thicker vinyl material. Weeding will be easier than usual because the adhesive is only activated with heat.

4.     Gather supplies

Gather the following supplies: Royal Elements printable iron-on
vinyl, inkjet printer, 
cutting machine or scissors, cotton fabric for transfer (i.e.

T-shirt), iron or heat press and provided heat press paper.

5. Iron-on (or use a heat press)     

Iron out wrinkles in cotton fabric then cut out and peel off printed vinyl design and

place on cotton fabric. Place heat-resistant transfer paper on top of Royal Elements printable iron-on vinyl to prevent melting the design. Set iron to highest heat setting and iron over the printed transfer for 15-30 seconds. Heat press: 350F for 10-15 seconds


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