Let’s Label! How to Make Custom Stickers to Organize your Life in the Fall

Let’s Label! How to Make Custom Stickers to Organize your Life in the Fall
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Fall is hectic, isn’t it? There is back to school, plans for Thanksgiving, the early thoughts of shopping for Christmas… it goes on and on. Being tidy and organized will really help keep you sane. So, in that spirit, let’s look at stickers for fall.


What do I need to make stickers for fall?

First you will need vinyl sticker sheets. These come in clear, glossy, or matte. The type you choose depends entirely on your project. Since we are making labels, glossy with a white background is going to stand out the most – especially if you use vibrant colors. Clear is a good choice for things like your kid’s lunch box or thermos, though. That way, the design of their item isn’t impeded. Most kids want to treasure their Marvel or Paw Patrol or Barbie themed lunch kits!


Next, you’re going to need a home printer. A simple ink jet or laser printer will do. If you have opted out of having a home printer, that is no problem. You can simply put your digital file on a USB drive and print out your stickers at your local copy shop. Just be sure they are okay with you using sticker vinyl in their self-serve printers first.


You also need a computer, laptop, or tablet so you can download a template or make up your own stickers for fall. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to make your own designs! You don’t need any special programs.


Finally, you’ll need a good pair of scissors to cut out your design.


Some extras for your stickers for fall

If your stickers for fall are going onto high-use items, you can make them extra durable by adding a laminating sheet. Self-adhesive laminating sheets are very easy to use. Simply peel away the protective backing, carefully apply the full sheet over your sheet of stickers for fall, and press out gently from the centre to remove air bubbles. Then cut out your extra durable, extra waterproofed labels.


Now, let’s say your handy labels are going on a curved or irregular surface. You want to line it up or center it without hassle. This is when you are going to sidestep traditional printable vinyl and opt for waterslide. Waterslide vinyl activates in water and then slides around on the surface until you are happy with the placement. It is compatible with inkjet printers. You will need a fixative spray to set the end result, however, so hop on down to your local craft store for that. A clear acrylic sealer should do the job.


Let’s make fall stickers!

Now that you have your sticker vinyl, printer, scissors, and laminating sheet and/or waterslide vinyl, you are ready to make stickers for fall.


  • Make stickers for your kid’s belongings: school is a busy place and you don’t want to lose jackets, lunch boxes, textbooks, binders, and other important school supplies. For hard surfaces, printable sticker vinyl works well. For cloth surfaces, heat transfer vinyl – iron on patches – might be better. 


  • Get ready for the holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Thanks to supply and demand, prices on some things are going to go up, or they will get harder to find. Get some bins or boxes, and work your magic with labels. For example, a box can be for dry pantry goods. Another for Christmas gifts (bonus points for having one box per family/child/person for the gifts). Label a box for warm weather gear, and so on. Now, whenever you are out and about before the major holidays you can scoop up what you need early, take advantage of deals, and get your gift shopping out of the way before the rush. After all, you have a perfectly organized system at home. When you get your treasures home, those packets of dry gravy or stuffing go into the pantry box. The perfect gift you found on sale goes into the gift box. The mitts that were half price because it hasn’t yet snowed go into the gear box.


  • Affirmations: it’s been quite a hard couple of years. From politics to the economy to COVID, a lot of people are feeling the blues. Winter is coming and for many, that also means Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Be proactive ahead of time and make stickers for fall with positive affirmations. Make stickers and leave them where you can see them often, like on your mirror or desk. Simple words like “It gets better,” “this is temporary,” or even the classic “breath” can be part of your daily wellness routine.



Fall is on the way along with it’s rush of major holidays and back to school. Stay organized this season by making stickers for fall. With some sticker vinyl, a printer, and scissors, you can make labels for school supplies, organize for the holiday season, make yourself some affirmations, and much more.


Ready to get started? Royal Elements has everything you need. Our online store sells printable vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl along with transfer tape, laminating sheets, magnetic sheets, and more. We love to see the projects you make using Royal Elements products. Post your results online with the hashtag #royalelementsstickers so we can feature your designs on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). 


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