Kiss Cut Vs. Die Cut Stickers – What You REALLY Need to Know

Kiss Cut Vs. Die Cut Stickers – What You REALLY Need to Know
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The main variation among these two popular sticker options comes down to how the sticker is finished on its backside. A Die Cut Sticker will be laser cut entirely through the assistance of the label, so all you see is the custom shape and sticker design. Kiss Cut Stickers are also digitally printed, and laser-cut, just with a somewhat more moderate touch, which leaves a slightly noticeable backing.

First Let’s Discuss Die Cut Stickers

When you have a sticker that is designed according to any specific shape with the covering still attached, it is known as a die-cut sticker. Die-cut stickers are far more delicate than kiss-cut stickers, even though both are good quality stickers. Businesses can make use of the die-cut stickers as a gesture of small gift for the customers in the store as a way to retain them. Die-cut stickers can also be used as bonus craft accessories for romantic DIY, and most importantly, die-cut stickers can be used for hobby collections like sticker lovers, anime lovers, and others.

Now Let’s Talk About Kiss Cut Stickers

Now everything you have learned so far about dies cut stickers use it for kiss cutting. One of the most apparent difference is the pressure of the die. Rather than cutting the sticker all the way in, we “kiss” the material keeping the liner intact. This lets you peel the shape out and leave the “weed” behind on the back sheet. You can also remove the matrix away, giving your decal ready to peel off the support sheet with nothing except liner around it.

When you kiss-cut, you can do various decays on the right part if you want to hold a set of stickers collectively. You can imprint on the surface of your peel out section to give your client more knowledge. There are endless probabilities, and we can assist you through the process.

How To Decide Between Kiss Cut And Die-Cut Stickers

In terms of which is best for you, the fact is that it depends on the use and situation. Kiss cut stickers are ideal for delicate designs, while die-cut stickers would do well with others.

Determine The Use

The initial step in understanding whether to get die-cut stickers or kiss-cut stickers is to decide what you’ll be using them for. Below you will find a few examples.

Package And Product Stickers

If you are going to be applying the stickers to put on your boxes when dispatching to clients, then you’re presumably better off with die-cut stickers. It’s a more cost-effective choice, and because you won’t be giving them out personally, it doesn’t matter how many stickers are on a single sheet.

Another advantage to die-cut stickers is the efficiency with which you can peel them off the sheet. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you have a significant number of boxes to brand, anything that makes it more accessible and less time-consuming help.

Stickers For Consumers

When you are giving out stickers to your consumers, you should presumably hold to die-cut stickers, still if you are sending more than one. Naturally, a sticker sheet would be more effective if you are sending out a few stickers to each buyer, but the truth is that die-cut stickers have a more professional look. The last thing you would want is your customers to think that you’re cheap.

The last thing you want to do is to make your customers think you’re cheap. So, spending on die-cut stickers is unquestionably more useful to your standing in the long run.

Consider The Design

When selecting between die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers, you also have to take into record the design. If it’s a delicate design with lots of “bits” holding out, a silhouette die-cut sticker might not be the most suitable choice because it’s more comfortable for those areas to get hurt.

For instance, if you have a ribbon flowing in the wind, it’s more likely to get bent or even torn off, notwithstanding the extra strength the backing body provides. But, when the same sticker is on a sheet, it won’t be displayed, so there’s less of a chance of accidents happening.

Don’t Ignore Your Budget

The budget is absolutely a concern, notwithstanding how cost-effective stickers are in common. So, if you are sending out multiple stickers to your consumers, you might opt for a sticker sheet as it will be somewhat cheaper. Visit to print your own waterproof vinyl stickers – straight from your home printer! You will have the options to choose between a wide variety of finishes (glossy, clear and matte) and material types, all you need is a design, printable sticker paper, and printer! 

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