Inspiration! Projects for Vinyl Stickers

Inspiration! Projects for Vinyl Stickers
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Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby, or maybe you already have made vinyl stickers and are wondering about all the many other ways you can have fun with them. Whether you’ve made projects for vinyl stickers in the past or not, today’s blog is full of inspiration for projects you haven’t even thought of yet! Ready? Let’s dive in!

But first…what are vinyl stickers?

If you are new to the Royal Elements blog, let us introduce you to vinyl stickers. These are stickers you can easily make on your own using printable or adhesive vinyl, a printer, and some simple cutting tools. In addition to peel and stick, and peel and transfer stickers, you can use sticker vinyl to make t-shirts, magnets, and all other sorts of goodies. We’ll go over the basics here before we dive into projects for vinyl stickers, but you can also check out our site’s most popular blog: Printable Vinyl 101 – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started!

What’s the difference between printable and adhesive vinyl?

When we talk about projects for vinyl stickers, we will discuss projects for both printable and adhesive vinyl. Printable is the easiest type. It involves sheets of sticker vinyl that you print on using your home’s printer. Adhesive vinyl is not printable. Instead, it is cut into various shapes, patterns and words. It’s best to have a tool like the CriCut® for adhesive vinyl so you can use a combination of software and their cutting tool to create truly intricate projects. Unlike peel and stick printable vinyl, adhesive vinyl is attached to surfaces using transfer tape.

What tools do I need for projects for vinyl stickers?

For printing stickers you’ll need vinyl sticker sheets, a design program (Word, Avery online, etc. will do), and a laser or inkjet printer. Projects for vinyl stickers can be printed on clear, glossy, or matte finishes. We’ve got a couple blogs that will help you decide which finish is best for your project, whether you are printing clip art or photos.

For projects using adhesive vinyl, you’ll need sheets of vinyl, a cutting tool, and transfer tape.

How to make stickers: a quick overview

To make printable stickers, you will copy and paste a design you like, or design your own using Word, Canva, Avery, etc. Once you have laid out your design in a template, it’s just a matter of hitting print, then cutting them out and using them.

For adhesive vinyl, you’ll have software that came with your cutting tool, along with the cutting tool itself. Using the software and its templates, fonts and designs, you can make your creation, and set the cutter in motion.

Projects for Vinyl Stickers

So, you’ve got your printable or adhesive vinyl, your cutting tools and transfer paper, if applicable, and you are ready to start. Now it’s time for the fun part! There are so many projects for vinyl stickers!

  • Mugs and tumblers: Okay, so this is the obvious choice but don’t feel like you have to be stuck with your name or just some plain image like a flower – although those are perfectly fine if that is what you like! Turn your mug, wine glass, or tumbler into a personal masterpiece by scanning and printing an image of your own design, a poem that you’ve written, a saying that motivates you, something sarcastic that gives you a private giggle, or even a date to remember, like your anniversary.
  • Magnets: Your fridge is already the catch all place for your kid’s artwork, the number to the vet, reminders, and school forms. Why not organize it all and make it pretty with magnet stickers? These are easy to make; you’ll simply be adding a peel-and-stick magnetized sheet to your printable sticker vinyl. Cut it out and that’s it. You’ve got fridge magnets. Make one that says “urgent,” one that says, “next week,” one that says “soon” and pin those papers on the fridge under each heading. Instant organization! Of course you’ll be using the photos, graphics, and fonts you like, giving your organization system even more personality. If you have reminders for various kids, make photo sticker magnets and pop their forms under the applicable photo.
  • Temporary art: In the past we have discussed how to make a gallery wall using stickers, but when it comes to projects for vinyl stickers, that’s not the only way you can make wall art. Adhesive vinyl is perfect for those large wall murals you’ve see in stores or other homes. With some time and patience, you can, bit by bit, print yourself a large wall mural. You can do smaller artworks too, such as something cheerful to put across the top of a mirror, your favorite saying for your home office wall, or even a verse or other inspirational saying for a surface you see frequently.
  • Bumper stickers and stick families: You’ve seen them before – those cute stick family stickers in the back window of a car. Stop looking for the one that matches your family and make your own! Using either clear printable vinyl or a solid color adhesive vinyl, you can make stick figures of your family using any theme you’d like. Be chased by a dinosaur. Wear Darth Vader’s helmet. It’s up to you. Now, you may be wondering, is this okay? Is it legal to put stickers on cars? Despite the prevalence of car stickers and bumper stickers you see every day, this is a valid question and the answer may greatly surprise you. Why not find out the answer by checking out this blog we wrote about this very subject?
  • Pet projects for vinyl stickers: Your furry (or scaly, or fishy) pets are just as much family as anyone else, so treat them too. Your cat may not look like she enjoys having her name on her food dish, but trust me, it appeals to her vanity. Label their food bowls, leashes and collars (using heat transfer vinyl for cloth projects like dog sweaters) and more, and also use stickers to label their food and treat canisters. Taking their food, treats, medicine, leashes, and outdoor gear, and organizing them into stackable canisters that you label makes for an easier, faster way to organize your pet supplies.


There are many projects for vinyl stickers, and they are fun and easy to make. You’ll need printable vinyl to use in an inkjet or laser printer, or adhesive vinyl, a cutting tool, and transfer tape. It’s easy to make printable stickers using common tools like Word. It’s best to use the cutting tool’s software when working with adhesive vinyl. Go beyond the basics when making projects for vinyl stickers. Personalize mugs and tumblers, organize your fridge with magnets, make non-committal wall art that you can remove and replace at will, make your own bumper sticker or stick family for your car, and personalize your pet’s dishes and gear. With printable and adhesive vinyl, your options are endless.

Ready to get started? Royal Elements sells printable vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl along with transfer tape, laminating sheets, magnetic sheets, and more in our online store – and our blog has plenty of design tips. We love to see the projects you make using Royal Elements products. Post your results online with the hashtag #royalelementsstickers so we can feature your designs on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

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