How to use Cricut Print then Cut using Design Space (With Step by Step Instructions and Images!)

How to use Cricut Print then Cut using Design Space (With Step by Step Instructions and Images!)
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Cricut machines have the ability to save a crafters live and skyrocket small businesses that rely on these savvy little machines. 

One neat little feature by Cricut is the Print then Cut option that is available on all Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker models. 

With a little help, you can be on your way to knowing the ins and outs of how to use the Cricut Print then Cut feature and take your crafting skill to the next level!

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What is Cricut Print then Cut?

To clear up any confusion, you will need to print using your inkjet or laser printer, then cut the material using your Cricut. 
The Cricut itself only cuts material and does not have the capability to print. In order to get started you will need your printer, a Cricut machine, and access to Cricut Design Space

You are able to upload your own images into Cricut Design Space or can use their free or paid images.

What Cricut Machine is Best for Print then Cut?

Naturally, we want to what what our best option is before we make a purchase. 

The scanner on the Cricut Maker is more accurate than the Air Explore 2 scanner  which makes for more accurate Print then Cut sessions and also allows a wider range of materials to be accepted and cut.

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What Printers work with Cricut Print then Cut?

Any inkjet or laser printer will work with your Cricut machine, however you will need to make sure that your printer matches the type of material you will be using (for example inkjet printers must be used for inkjet printable vinyl sticker paper).
printable vinyl and inkjet printer

Whats are the Best Materials to use for Cricut Print then Cut?

 There are a lot of amazing options in terms of printables on the market. Cricut has a variety of adhesive vinyl, sticker paper and printable vinyl that an be used with their machines. 

However throughout our research we noticed that by far the best material to use for the print then cut feature is printable vinyl – specifically matte printable vinyl, which is picked up by the scanner much better than glossy or clear printable vinyl. 

You can browse our selection of printable vinyl on Amazon to get a better idea of what to use.

Setting up Cricut Print then Cut

After downloading Cricut Design Space, it up and select an image either that you uploaded or one of their complementary design files. 

For print and cut its best to use a .SVG file instead of a .PNG or .JPEG because you will need to have the details of where to cut the design stored in the file.

Print off the Image and get Ready to Cut

Next you will need to print off the image in order to cut. 

If this is your first time using print then cut then you will need to connect your printer to the Cricut Design Space software. 
Cricut will link to your printer and the document will be printed shortly after. You will need to retrieve the printed material and load it into your Cricut mat.

Once you click print you will be ready to cut in your Cricut machine!

Step by Step Instructions for how to use Cricut Print then Cut

1. Flatten your image or text in the Cricut Design Space so you’re ready to print then cut

2. Click the green “Make It” button. You will need to connect your computer and printer to your Cricut if this is your first time.
3. Print the image out.

4. After printing you will see a black outlined box. Make sure you turn the bleed on  so that Cricut can scan and ready the image in order to cut it out.
5. Place the sheet on your Cricut mat, press go and load it into the machine by pressing the arrow on your Cricut.
6. Watch your machine cut the image out! Then you’ll be able to weed it and peel off the sticker and place it on whatever you like!


Using Cricut’s Print the Cut feature is fun, easy, and will bring your crafting experience to the next level. 

Without a Cricut machine, you will have to cut images out by hand, which is nearly impossible for intricate designs. 

Following this simple step by step instructional will help you have a smooth and enjoyable crafting session!
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