How To Upload your own Images into Cricut Design Space!

How To Upload your own Images into Cricut Design Space!
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The ability to upload your own images into Design Space can be a lifesaver- especially if you can’t find anything remotely similar to what you’re trying to create. You can upload anything ranging from a PNG to a multi-layered vector file and Cricut will automatically process it. You will then be able to print, cut, or draw them however you wish!

After you choose a basic image to upload, you will be able to see the preview and select the image to use.

Simple images are basic and small files that contrast colors with a solid background

Moderately complex images have more detail and color- which you are able to preview by scroll over them in Design Space. 

Complex Images are detailed and blend colors so it is difficult to tell the background from the foreground. Varying levels of shading and blending are included in this option. You will most likely want to select this version to created the most detailed crafting project.

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics are the best when using your Cricut machine. They allow for more precise cuts than a PNG or JPG file.

For a video tutorial on how to upload a SVG file into Design Space visit this link.

If you download an SVG file from the internet make sure you extra the SVG file if it is downloaded as a ZIP file (.ZIP files aren’t able to be uploaded into Design Space).


BONUS TIP: Google the graphic you are searching for + SVG + free to see all of the freely available designs that you can import into Cricut Design Space. Download the SVG file and upload it into Design Space if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Cricut’s platform. 

Step 1 – with Cricut Design Space open, select “Upload” on the bottom left handsome of the design panel while in Canvas. The Upload window will then be displayed and will allow you to choose between uploading an image or a pattern to upload. Uploading an image will allow you to  insert basic images, including .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, and even .GIF files as well as vector images (.SVG and .DXF). Select Upload Image.

Step 2 – Browse the files you have on your computer or cloud storage and find the image that you would like to upload. Either drag and drop or manually select the file and import it into Cricut Design Space. .JPG, .GIF. .PNG, and .BMP files will take you through the Basic image uploading process, whereas .SVG and .DXF files will take you through the Vector image uploading process.

Basic Image Upload:

  1. Upload the file you would like to import to Cricut Design Space. This will likely be a .JPG or  .PNG file type. Next open the file selector or drag the file into the upload section of Design Space.
  2. You will then have the ability to select Simple, Moderately complex, or Complex design types. Select the most applicable and accurate type then click “Continue.”
  3. Define the cutting lines of the uploaded image. Be sure to use the Tools on the left handmade of Canvas such as Select, Erase, and Crop. If you see a checkerboard pattern behind your image that means the area has been removed effectively.
  4. Click Preview to see the cut lines of the uploaded image. If you need to change the result, click Hide Preview to go back to edit (from the previous step). Click Continue once you are ready to move on.
  5. Name and tag your image so you can find it in your uploaded files later. Either select “Print Then Cut” or “Cut image” to indicate what type of action you would like your Cricut Machine to take. This will determine how the file is saved and able to be used.
  6. Finally, Save the image. You will now be able to access and use your uploaded image!

Vector Image Upload:


  1. Select the .SVG file you would like to import to Cricut Design Space. Either drag and drop or manually select and import the image from your computer files. 
  2. Name the image properly so you can find it later.
  3. The new image file will show up in the Uploaded Images Library at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Vectors will show up on Canvas as a grouped image. You are able to ungroup them on the right hand side of canvas if needed.


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