How to Make Your Own Water Bottle Using DIY Stickers

How to Make Your Own Water Bottle Using DIY Stickers
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These days more people are eco-conscious than ever before. We’ve become aware of how our reliance on disposable plastics is affecting the planet, and therefore seek ways to reduce our consumption. One item many people are turning to is the re-useable water bottle. This is great for two reasons: first reusable bottles greatly reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastics in our oceans and landfills, and second, having your own water bottle on hand reminds you to drink more water. Healthier planet, healthier you! But why stop there? Re-useable bottles are easy to come by, so make yours stand out. Today you’ll learn how to make your own water bottle with DIY stickers.

What type of bottle to choose?

When you make your own water bottle using stickers you create, you want to ensure your design lasts a long time. Start by choosing a water bottle with a smooth finish. Dimpled surfaces won’t adhere as well to the sticker. Also, choose a bottle that suits your healthy goal. If your bottle has gauge markers on it so you can see how much you have drank during the day, you’ll have to make smaller stickers so you don’t cover up the range, for example. You can also make your own water bottle do double duty. A bottle that keeps your beverage hot or cold will have you sipping comforting tea as well as refreshing water.

Reusable water bottles

What type of sticker materials will I need?

You’ll need vinyl sticker materials to make your own water bottle. There are two kinds of sticker vinyl: printable and adhesive.

Printable sticker vinyl is the fastest and easiest way to make your own water bottle. All you have to do is design, print, cut, and attach. If you have a cutting tool like a CriCut®, you can choose adhesive vinyl. Unlike printable vinyl, your design is cut out of the vinyl itself. This is why a cutting tool comes in handy, so you can cut intricate patterns, symbols, or letters. It’s a little more difficult to make your own water bottle using adhesive vinyl, but it’s also a lot of fun! Don’t be shy about giving it a try!

Now, let’s revisit printable vinyl for a moment. In this range, you have a few options. When you make your own water bottle using printable vinyl, you’ll first choose among glossy, clear, or matte finishes. The finish is up to you. Matte looks great for an antique look, clear shows off the background of the surface, and glossy adds a nice sheen to clip or pop art designs. All three finishes are waterproof, tear resistant, colorfast, and extremely durable.

But don’t stop there!

Let’s say you want to make your own water bottle using a metal bottle. You can add a magnetic sheet so you can swap out your stickers at will, giving you even more fun options for your customized water bottle! Wondering how magnetic sheets and printable vinyl go together? We’ve got a tutorial for that on our blog. Check it out here. Just make sure your water bottle has a magnetized surface too.

Although printable vinyl is already waterproof, you can make it even more durable. Laminating sheets add another level of protection. You can get laminating sheets that don’t require any special machines or handling. A clear, one-sided adhesive sheet can simply be placed over your printed stickers and then cut out. Just like that you’ve made your own water bottle and its custom design is dishwasher safe.

What if you aren’t especially crafty or, when you make your own water bottle, you worry about lining up the design on a cylindrical surface? Again, there is nothing to worry about. In those cases simply choose waterslide vinyl.

Waterslide gets its name for two reasons. First, the adhesive only activates when it is placed in water. Second, the adhesive is designed to dry slowly so you can slide it around on the surface until you are happy with its placement. This is a preferred vinyl for those that want to make their own water bottle, but it comes with some caveats.

Waterslide vinyl can be more easily removed than other printable or adhesive vinyl, so you’ll want to paint over the surface with a clear craft resin after you are finished with your design. It’s also very thin. While this allows for more intricate, high resolution designs, it can be a little trickier to cut. Be careful as cutting thin, flexible surfaces can lead to injury. You might want to take a look at our Sticker Cutting Tools blog for additional advice.

Let’s Design!

Now that you’ve chosen your type of water bottle and decided which type of vinyl to use, it’s time to make your own water bottle! The design is completely up to you. If you are using the bottle for your own use and not selling it, you can use your favorite pop, anime, or movie characters. It’s okay. We checked to see if this was legal.

But don’t be afraid to get creative. Why not scan your own artwork or come up with your own custom design? There are several applications you can use for this, from Word to Avery and more. Be imaginative. You can design something trendy, something personal, a saying/motto, a photo – there is no limit to what you can make.

Printing your design

When you make your own water bottle using printable vinyl, be sure to check the type of vinyl and your printer before you buy. Printable vinyl is formulated for either inkjet or laser printers. Both work in different ways, so the vinyl is formulated to best absorb the ink based on each printer’s application.

Apply your design

That’s it! You’ve selected your bottle, selected the type of vinyl you wanted, created a really cool design, cut it out and applied it to your bottle. Enjoy it! When you make your own water bottle you not only have fun doing a great craft, you have a positive impact on your health and the environment.


People choose to make their own water bottle to be eco-friendlier and healthier. Start by choosing the type of bottle that will best adhere to the sticker. Choose among glossy, matte, or clear printable vinyl, or from the many different finishes, colors, and designs on adhesive vinyl. Decide if you will use a magnetic sheet for metal water bottles, or if you will add durability with a laminating sheet. Consider waterslide vinyl with a resin overcoat for better placement of the sticker. Ensure you get the right type of vinyl for your printer and cut out your design carefully.  Apply it and enjoy. We hope you have fun when you make your own water bottle. It’s a project you can do again and again.

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