How to Make Your Own Personal Affirmation Art Using Adhesive Vinyl

How to Make Your Own Personal Affirmation Art Using Adhesive Vinyl
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“Live, Laugh, Love!” “Family!” “Lake Life for Us!”  We’ve all seen (okay, been inundated with) these feel- good affirmation signs at every turn. For some, they are cheerful and positive reminders about the things they love in their lives. For others they are a bit of an eye roll. Whichever side you are on, you can appreciate having an affirmation hanging where it influences your day. A sign with a saying or motto you love is a great addition to your office, dining room, foyer, or bedroom. So, today let’s dive right into this trend. The difference is, when you make your own adhesive vinyl sign, you can put whatever you want on it! So, if you want to remind yourself to “Live, Laugh Love,” or if you prefer something a bit cheekier, this blog is for you.


Ready? Let’s get started.


What is adhesive vinyl?

First, you are going to need adhesive vinyl. This is different from printable vinyl. Adhesive vinyl comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and it is cut into shapes, words, and designs. While you can cut adhesive vinyl out manually, you will be able to make much more intricate shapes (and have access to design software and a variety of fonts) by using a Cricut® or a Silhouette.



What do you need for your adhesive vinyl sign?

Gather your materials. You will need:

  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • A cutting tool (either intuitive or by hand)
  • A surface for your art (wall, poster board, wood, etc.)
  • If part of your overall design, a frame
  • The most important part: your affirmation


Start by thinking about your affirmation. We’ll get into some ideas and where to find them below, but you want the entire design to work around those words. For example, if it is on the romantic side (Mr. & Mrs. Live Here), a flowing script will be nice. On the sassy side (I Rock My Own Life!) choose a fun font, or dare we even suggest, Comic Sans! Maybe you are after a powerful affirmation (My Goal is Possible). Choose a bold, firm font.


Now, think about the type of adhesive vinyl you want. There are a lot of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose among. It’s about what resonates with you. Glossy is going to pop but may cause a bit of glare if in direct sunlight. Matte is great for a relaxed feel or an antique look. Explore your options.


Transfer tape is a must. You cannot move your design to the surface without it. Quality transfer tape will help your design move and stick better. Transfer tape with a grid helps you line things up, which is very helpful when setting a larger sign. You’ll need to smooth out air bubbles too, so make sure your transfer tape includes a squeegee.


Will you be putting your sign directly on the wall (perfectly safe as vinyl can be removed), on a piece of smooth wood? In a frame? Again, this is up to you but give it some thought before you get started. Otherwise, you may wind up with a font too small for the wall, or a sign too big for the frame.


Where to find affirmations for your adhesive vinyl sign

There is no wrong way to do this part. An affirmation is what resonates with you. For example, in my office I have a sign that says, “Wow, No Thanks!” in reference to the difficult pandemic year of 2020. It makes me giggle whenever I look at it even if it makes no sense to anyone else. So, what resonates with you? Do you have a quote that inspires you? A quip grandma always says? A line from a movie?


You can go online for inspiration for your adhesive vinyl sign. Here are just a few websites with ideas:



Put together your adhesive vinyl sign

Now it’s time to make your adhesive vinyl sign. Either set out the affirmation in your design software or use a stencil or freehand if you are cutting by hand. Once you are happy with it, use your cutting/hand tool. Then use the transfer tape to move your design to the desired surface. That’s it! You have made your own, personal, adhesive vinyl sign in a color, font, and saying that means the most to you. Enjoy your creation.



Affirmation signs are everywhere but it can be hard to find one that resonates with you. Make your own by using adhesive vinyl and transfer tape. It helps to have a cutting tool and design software like a Cricut® for intricate designs, but you can freehand or use stencils too. Consider your affirmation and let that guide your choice of font, color, and surface. Use transfer tape to move the finished product to the surface. Put your affirmation where you can enjoy it daily.


Ready to get started? Royal Elements has everything you need. Our online store sells printable vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl along with transfer tape, laminating sheets, magnetic sheets, and more. We love to see the projects you make using Royal Elements products. Post your results online with the hashtag #royalelementsstickers so we can feature your designs on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).  


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