How to Make Hologram Stickers

How to Make Hologram Stickers
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Do you have a nostalgic fondness for hologram stickers? Were you a huge Lisa Frank fan and collected her cute hologram stickers? Or perhaps you just love shiny, reflective stickers and want to know how to make your own. Well, you are in luck because today’s blog is all about how to make hologram stickers. So, get ready because things are about to get reflective!


Can you make hologram stickers at home?

Yes! You can make hologram stickers at home. You can get printable hologram sticker vinyl, or you can use adhesive vinyl.



Printable hologram sticker vinyl

While Royal Elements does not sell printable hologram vinyl, we are more than happy to give you some tips on how to use it. As with all printable vinyl, ensure it is formulated for your printer. It should note if the vinyl is for use in an inkjet or laser printer, along with any other important instructions. For example, some printable hologram sheets set best with a combination of pigment and an ink jet printer. If you are using dye, not pigment, you may be required to add a laminate sheet to waterproof and set your design.


If a laminating sheet is required for your hologram stickers, check out our easy peel-and-stick laminating sheets. Our easy-to-use laminating sheets also add to the waterproofing and durability of your final design. With this option you don’t have to worry about carefully transporting your stickers to the copy shop to be put through the laminating machine.


When buying printable hologram vinyl online, be sure to check out reviews. Not all products are created equally, and you want to ensure that your printer’s make and model can handle the sheets, and that they print without creasing and dry quickly. As different printers/inks can provide mixed results, rely on product reviews or craft forums to help you make the best choice for your crafting setup.


Adhesive vinyl for hologram stickers

Adhesive vinyl is not printable, but rather, it is cut into shapes. Then, transfer tape is used to move the design to a surface. You can cut adhesive vinyl with scissors, but you’ll get better results using a complete system like a CriCut® or a Silhouette. With tools like these, you get a machine capable of making intricate sticker designs, and you also get design software, tips, and much more.


Cricut® has it’s own proprietary vinyl for making hologram stickers, and it comes in shades of blue, opal, and pink. It is also compatible with all series of Cricut®


While it is always a good idea to use your machine’s own branded products, you can buy a wide variety of hologram adhesive vinyl online. As with buying any type of sticker vinyl, be sure to check the reviews and read what other crafters are saying about their projects and experiences.  You may find one brand works better with a particular cutting machine, or get ideas from others on the most successful types of hologram stickers.


Tips for working with hologram adhesive vinyl

It can be difficult to get any type of adhesive vinyl to adhere to some surfaces like glass or metal. Be sure that the surface is 100 percent clean of any residue. It may look clean, but if you’ve touched it you could have left a little film from the moisturizer on your hands, for example. Give the surface a good clean with an alcohol based solution to ensure not only a clean surface, but that the moisture evaporates quickly too.


Another issue you have when making hologram stickers is the design sticking to the transfer tape. First, choose a highly rated transfer tape. Again, not all tapes are created equal; some are more tacky/sticky than others. A medium tack should give you a strong transfer without your sticker getting stuck. Next, be sure to give your design and your surface some time together before your remove the tape. It’s so tempting to rip it off right away and see the finished product, but let it sit for a few minutes. It will be much easier to peel back the tape once the design and surface have had time to bond.


If you find your hologram sticker is peeling after a few short days, take a look at how you are using the design. If it is on a tumbler, be sure to gently handwash – avoid the dishwasher. If it is on a signboard, make sure it is not sitting over a heater or in direct sunlight. The design itself could lend to peeling and curling if you have very fine lines. Should your design be part of a frequently used item, use thicker lines and bold cuts.



Hologram stickers are fun to make and thanks to printable and adhesive vinyl, you can make them at home. When buying printable hologram vinyl, read the reviews and pay attention to the formulation for your printer, and other instructions that could be particular to that brand. When using adhesive hologram vinyl, check first to see if your cutting machine has a branded hologram product. Again, reviews are your friend when buying hologram vinyl online. Avoid common adhesive vinyl issues by using a medium tack transfer tape and letting the tape sit on the surface for a few moments to complete the transfer. Most of all, have fun! Hologram stickers are nostalgic and can really brighten up any project.


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