How to Make DIY Gift Bags and Party Favors with Cricut and Adhesive Vinyl!

How to Make DIY Gift Bags and Party Favors with Cricut and Adhesive Vinyl!
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Can’t find the design you want for your gift bags or party favors? Maybe you would like to make Halloween trick or treat bags and one up the neighbor’s their plain Jack-o-lanterns. We’ve got you covered. You can use adhesive vinyl to cut out beautiful custom shapes and slap them on.

Creating your own custom gift bags with adhesive vinyl is so much fun and can brighten up an otherwise plain tote bag. In this method we will show you the step by step process to create a beautifully designed craft in 8 steps using your Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker.

What you’ll need: 

  • Paper treat sacks (found at craft stores)
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Cutting machine from Cricut
  • Weeding tools
  • Paper treat sacks (found at craft stores)
  • Snacks to fill the beautiful new bags!
  • Computer access
  • Cutting mat
  • transfer tape


  1. Design your adhesive vinyl pattern in Cricut Design Space. This software is free to use with your Cricut machine but there are some paid features and designs available. You can browse their selection of free designs or purchase one on their site. Customize the sizing as needed to make sure it fits on your project. You can use the template tab to make sure the outlined design is size appropriately. That’s a neat little trick to make sure the sizing of your design will fit.

2. Next select the file on Design Space or import your design file (.SVG file) by choosing one from them many freely available files on google by searching for what you want to use and downloading it. You should use a .SVG (scalable vector graphic) specifically because it will allow you to cut the intricate patterns on the design. You can also find a ton of great free designs in Cricut’s Design Space. 

3. Size and position your vinyl so that you can get the most out of each sheet. Select the color of vinyl that you would like to use and place it on your cutting mat. We recommend 12” x 12” sheets of permanent adhesive vinyl, but as long as the design lines up the sizing of the vinyl you should be good to go. Cut out the vinyl using your Cricut making sure the setting is on “vinyl.”

4. After the cutting process is complete, remove the cutting mat from your Cricut. You can leave the cut vinyl on the mat to prepare to weed (remove excess and unwanted vinyl from the design) in order to make the weeding process easier.

circut explore air 2 with cutting mat

5. Weed out excess vinyl. You can use a tool such as a weeding needle or just your hands if the design is not that intricate. One little tip is to cut out your design with a pair of scissors before weeding if your design is small and intricate so its easier to weed.

transfer tape paper for adhesive vinyl

6. Cut out your transfer tape in the size and shape of your weeded design and lay it on flat. You can use a squeegee or credit card to flatten the transfer tape down firmly so it adheres to the vinyl you want to transfer. Clear transfer tape with grids can be very useful when aligning your vinyl design.

transfer tape paper for adhesive vinyl

7. Transfer your weeded vinyl that is on the transfer tape to your paper bags. Make sure the transfer tape and weeded vinyl are both facing down when you run through the process. The way transfer tape works is it is less adhesive than your adhesive vinyl design- so when you go to place the transfer tape and cut out vinyl on your object it will leave the adhesive vinyl on the surface and the less tacky (sticky) transfer tape will be removed effortlessly. Medium tack transfer tape is the best, such as Royal Elements 12” x 30’ roll of medium tack vinyl transfer tape.

8. Repeat this process for any kind of adhesive vinyl projects that you may have, no printing necessary!


Adhesive vinyl is a beautiful resource that you can use to personalize nearly anything! Although it is a somewhat involved process, once you understand the process you can apply it to almost anything. Instead of ordering expensive custom party favors and gift bags you get to control the process and decide what color, size, and shape your design will be- and then watch it come to life right in front of you!


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