How to Make a Sticker Gallery Wall

How to Make a Sticker Gallery Wall
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Do you wish you had beautiful artwork in your home, but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for original prints? The solution is to make your own! Thanks to printable vinyl, you can make a sticker gallery wall that brightens up the room – and is removable too. So, go ahead. Have some fun. Personalize your dorm room. Transform your home office. Liven up your classroom. There are so many ways a sticker gallery wall can be utilized, and today we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to make this magic happen.

What is a gallery wall?

A gallery wall is a collection of photos, paintings, and/or objects, grouped together in an aesthetically pleasing way. While it may appear to be a trend or a fad that comes and goes, gallery walls have actually been around for centuries, and for very good reason. They are a great way to have your own personal art museum, a fantastic way to showcase art you love, a handy way to cover a large wall space, and a beautiful way to showcase family pictures. There are no hard and fast rules for gallery walls. Traditionally they used framed photos and relied on balance and symmetry. However, a modern gallery wall can certainly be a lot more eclectic and is not limited to just photos or paintings. Plants, memorabilia, souvenirs – all is fair game for your gallery wall.

Why make a sticker gallery wall?

These days most people are staying in their homes more and making do with less income. Making a sticker gallery wall is a fun and affordable way to brighten up any space. If you are working from home, you can make a sticker gallery wall in your impromptu office. If your kids are distance learning, a sticker gallery wall can make an educational classroom space. Or maybe you’ve planned to do something with that big, blank wall in your living room, but could never find the right artwork. A sticker gallery wall to the rescue! The methods we discuss in this tutorial are removable, so you don’t even have to commit to your sticker gallery wall full time.

Sticker gallery wall ideas

We are going to dive into how to create your sticker gallery wall in a minute. First, here is some inspiration for your design:

The home office: Some motivational sayings, a peaceful landscape, some office themed clip art, and an erasable whiteboard in the middle to keep track of tasks and deadlines.

The family den: Photos of the family through the years along with souvenirs from travel and artwork the kids created at school. You know you have a box full of their drawings and coloring!

The homework space or home classroom (elementary): School themed artwork like clip art of books, an apple, a backpack, etc. mixed in with handy hints like the alphabet and times tables. (High school) A locker themed wall with a whiteboard for tasks and deadlines, and some inspirational/motivational sayings.

How to create your sticker gallery wall using printable vinyl

To make a sticker gallery wall using printable vinyl, you need:

  • A printer
  • A pack or two of printable sticker vinyl
  • A computer or laptop

Since you are going to design your vinyl stickers for home use only, it’s okay to use art you found online. If you like a particular painting or pop culture character, simply find a photo of it and save the image as a graphic (such as .jpeg or .tiff) file. Word is a great application for full sheet stickers. Simply open or paste the image into a blank Word document, size and center it, then print it on the sticker vinyl.

However, don’t limit yourself to other people’s art. Don’t be shy about creating your own! You don’t need to be a professional desktop designer to create your own digital art. If you have time on your hands, create your own art for your sticker gallery wall by taking an online digital art class. You can even find some online for free.

Fun ways to modernize your sticker gallery wall

Have some interesting barn wood or other pieces of backing that can adhere a sticker? Place your artwork on this backing and then attach it to the wall. You can also buy magnetic adhesive sheets, so there is nothing stopping you from making your fridge into an interactive sticker gallery wall. Simply attach your printed sticker to the adhesive side of the magnetic sheet, peel off the protector for the magnetic backing, and you have fridge-magnet-strength stickers. With the right magnetic paint, you can turn your bare wall into a sticker art gallery where you can use your art on magnets to change up the wall on a whim.

Tips for attaching large stickers to your wall

Full sheet sized stickers need a bit of care when adhering to prevent bubbles. Start by peeling off a little of the protective backing, adhering the top of the sticker in place, then gently remove the backing, pulling down on it with one hand while smoothing the sticker to the wall with the other. Brush your fingers or a rubber squeegee over the surface to remove any remaining bubbles. Take care to line up your stickers properly (small pencil marks and a level are ideal to get your wall sorted) before you adhere your stickers. You don’t want to just rip them off the wall to readjust – this can ruin the paint. Consider using waterslide vinyl for your sticker gallery wall. Waterslide sets slowly, allowing you to slide the sticker around for a few minutes before it sets.

Removing your sticker gallery wall

All good things come to an end. Perhaps you have saved up and got that original print you really wanted, or you are back in the office and the kids are back in school, so your temporary workspaces can be reincorporated back into the house. To remove your sticker gallery wall, do not rip the stickers off! You do not want to pull off the paint or other finishings. If your stickers are on smooth surface like laminated wood, gentle tugging may be all that is needed. For safer removal results on any surface, however, warm up the sticker with a hair dryer, or a cloth soaked (wring it out well) in warm water. Gently start peeling the sticker off the surface and reapply heat should you feel any resistance. Go slowly with the removal.

Another reason to be gentle with your sticker removal is that you may want to keep or reuse some of your designs. Refer to our blog about making stickers sticky again to learn how to remove and re-stick vinyl stickers.


You can have a lot of fun making a sticker gallery wall, especially if you mix your designs in with souvenirs and/or memorabilia, make an interactive magnetic wall, or add functional elements like a whiteboard. Make large stickers using printable sticker vinyl or waterslide sticker vinyl. Transfer images you like to Word or a similar program, or create your own original works of art. Carefully adhere the stickers to the wall, pressing out bubbles during and after the application. To remove your sticker gallery wall, apply gentle heat from a hair dryer or wet, warm towel and carefully – and very slowly – peel the sticker from the surface. If you wish, you can make your stickers sticky again and reuse them.

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