How to Create Amazing Custom Stickers for Activity Planners That Will Brighten Your Day!

How to Create Amazing Custom Stickers for Activity Planners That Will Brighten Your Day!
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Activity planners, such as daycare owners, youth group leaders, teachers, library activity departments, after school care workers, children’s party planners, etc., are constantly on the lookout for affordable, fun ideas for the kids in their charge. Custom stickers for activity planners present a cost-effective option that you can use time and time again.

How do Custom Stickers for Activity Planners Work?

Custom stickers for activity planners are suitable for any age group. Simply hand the children/youth some crayons, pencils, or markers, and have them design their own artwork. Scan the artwork into the computer and print it on sticker paper. Now they have their very own custom stickers to put on notebooks, lockers, mirrors, etc.

But why stop there? Provide (or ask the parents to provide) a plain tumbler or small plate. Choose waterproof sticker paper and have the children create their own customized dishes.

Custom Stickers for Youth Groups

Youth groups are often focused on empowerment and self esteem. Remember, since you are completely customizing the stickers, you can use this activity to help youth build themselves up. Have them write affirmations or draw a picture of something that inspires them. They can even choose a photo of something or someone that means a lot to them. Scan their work/photo into the computer and print out their custom stickers. They can even include their stickers in a larger activity: a vision board.

Youth never outgrow making their own dishes either, so grab some waterproof sticker paper or laminating sheets and let your youth group’s creativity soar.

Custom Stickers for Daycare

In addition to letting the little ones in your care make their own stickers, custom stickers for daycare has another, very practical, option. Daycare workers often take the children to the park or on field trips. That is quite a few children to keep track of. Use custom stickers to print labels that can easily be applied (and later safely removed) on child’s clothing. The sticker can have the name of the child, the daycare group they are with, and even a contact number should the child get lost.

Custom stickers for daycare can also be used to help mark special events. For example, do you celebrate birthdays at the daycare? Make a special sticker for the birthday child, and “we celebrated with (name)” stickers for the rest of the children. It’s a fast and affordable way to make everyone feel included while giving the birthday child a little something extra.

More Custom Sticker Ideas for Activity Planners

Royal Elements is excited about our newest product: 30 feet of clear vinyl roll tape with an alignment grid. A squeegee is included and this tape is compatible with all indoor and outdoor vinyl sticker papers.


What will your activity group do with 30 feet of roll tape? A massive sticker collage? A graduation or sports banner? The possibilities are endless!

Let’s not forget the classic activity of creating iron-on decals for t-shirts. Royal Elements has what you need for this timeless activity too. We have heat transfer sheets for both light and dark fabrics. The children can make their own transfers as a group activity, or you can make t-shirts for a team event, family reunion, or outing.

Spend some time on the Royal Elements store and blog to learn even more ways activity planners can create custom stickers.

Custom Stickers for Activity Planners are Practical, Affordable, and Creative

Royal Elements knows that activity planners are often working with small groups, and even smaller budgets. This is why all of our sticker paper is available in small batches – no bulk purchase is needed. Each box or roll contains enough to make large batches of stickers, depending on their size. The sheets are used with any standard laser or inkjet printer, so no special equipment is required. Creating the design can be done by hand and scanned into the computer, or through any design program online. Royal Elements’ sticker paper is simply the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to provide an activity all the children/youth will love, and will want to do over and over again.

Please visit our store to learn more, and follow us on Facebook to be the first to know about new products and deals.


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