How To Clean And Restick Your Cutting Mat

How To Clean And Restick Your Cutting Mat
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This guide will cover how to clean and maintain your cutting mats regardless it’s a Cricut mat or a Silhouette.

We all are pretty aware of how annoying it can be when you begin a project, and your material won’t stick to the outside of your cutting mat.

The problems we get the most are regarding washing and resticking cutting mats, mainly after they have been used to trim felt.

We will tell how you can get rid of all the built-up gunk.

We will go over resticking your circuit mat when it’s no longer working and end with some advice and solutions to your commonly asked questions.

So, let’s get you started with how to clean your mat. Before we start, there are multiple ways to clean your Cricut mat, let’s explore your options.

Method 1: Gentle Cycle

When your circuit mat is no longer sticky enough to hold your materials,

When you find that your Cricut mat is no longer sticky enough to keep your materials properly, try these techniques to clean your mat and breathe some life back into it.

As your mat collects dirt and debris with your generous use, move down the menu to more effective cleaning techniques.

Be benign with your mats, and they may also last you for multiple rounds of weekend parties.

Sticky Lint Roller

  • Spring a sticky lint roller over your cutting mat to exclude dust, bits of paper, fiber, and hairs.
  • You can do this regularly, within projects, when you ignore to cover your Cricut mats, or whenever you see spots and fibers collecting on your mat.
  • It’s an excellent method to exclude any leftover slivers or parts of paper rather than trying to go after them all with tweezers. When the lint roller or sticking tape is more adhesive than the mat, it pulls all the offending hairs and pieces of paper right off the mat! It works particularly well on the less-tacky Cricut mats.

Method 2: Baby Wipes

Accept it or not, baby wipes are the ideal cleansing companions for your Cricut mat as they are wet and light enough to leave your mat unharmed.

But here’s the thing- not all baby wipes can be used to clean Cricut mats! Pick alcohol-free one, or risk-free the mat’s adhesiveness forever.

Spread the wipe over the surface gently, and ensure to cover everything in a perpendicular line. You may be motivated to transfer for that nail varnish remover, but it’s more satisfying to be safe than sorry.

Baby wipes and lint rollers, and often a good old-fashioned soap and water can do wonders in getting your Cricut mat look renewed and ready for cutting.

Method 3:  Soap & Water

Every once in a while, you would want to give your Cricut mat a shower using a vessel that’s filled with lathery water.

Let the mat to absorb for around 5 to 10 minutes before you take it out. If there is the material that won’t come off, then use a tiny brush (a toothbrush) and rinse with warm water.

You can likewise utilize a sponge or a sticky remover for particular debris. Just ensure to go through the directions that come with the cleansing product. And you’ll require to restick your mat afterward.

Method 4: Air Dry

When you are content with how clean your Cricut mat looks, it’s time to dry them; you can hang them on the line.

Wait for the Cricut mat to be fully dry before working on it again. Using a tissue, towel, or paper will be counter-intuitive as little bits will adhere to the surface and reduce overall effectiveness.

How To Restick Cricut Mat

You will need another effective and low-cost product to make your Cricut mat useful again.

This may seem counter-intuitive after applying a sticky remover in the preceding step, but we ensure that it’s all needed if you need to get the job done correctly.

Before applying your sticky spray, you will need to tape up around the corners of the cutting mat. This is so that you don’t get any of the splashes anywhere but the material of the mat.

If the sides of the mat are made to become sticky, you can be sure that they will get stuck running through the rollers of your cutting machine, and won’t be able to operate properly.

Ensure that you use adequate masking tape so that there is no chance of the corners become sticky.

  • Step 1 – Eliminate any leftover stickiness to make sure the sticky spray will equally coat the mat. Use plain rubbing alcohol on the surface, then go over it with a grater.
  • Step 2 – Gently spray the sticky spray and cover the outside of the Cricut mat uniformly. Some products will need you to brush a few times, while others work their magic just by the first application. Also, follow directions on the label for the best results.
  • Step 3 – Let the sticky rest and link to the mat’s cover properly. After approximately 15 to 20 minutes, delicately lift the tape on the sides, and examine the finished product. Your Cricut mat should be just like a new and ready for use.

Additional Tips for Taking Care of Your Cutting Mats

If you take proper care of your Cricut mats, they will be good for your use and wallet.  Here are some other care tips of your Cricut cutting mats:

Keep Your Cutting Mat Covered When Not In Use

Have the thin-film sheet that came with your cutting mat, and substitute the top as soon as you are done using it. This will stop hairs, dust, and fibers from collecting on the adhesive surface of the mat.

Don’t Mistreat Your Mats

Avoid excessively rubbing the sticky surface of the mat with your hands, as this can fade away and ruin the adhesive over time. Use the proper instruments: tweezers, spatulas, and scrapers to eliminate cuts and scraps from your Cricut mat. This will preserve your mats, as well as block your finished cut plans from curling and splitting.

Always Clean Your Mat

Develop the habit of utilizing a sticky lint roller and baby wipes to wipe the outside of your cutting mats. This will keep the mat clean and ready for each project.

Tips for Drying Cutting Mats

  • Allow your mat to dry thoroughly by hanging it up, or just set it straight in your dish rack. After you have washed it, you want to ensure that both sides can get dry, so don’t leave it on your counter.
  • Never heat your Cricut mats, as heat may prompt your cutting mat to break or bend, making it no more ideal for your cutting machine. So hairdryers are a no go!
  • If you need to hurry up the drying time, you can try a fan at your mat to improve air circulation. We suppose using a hairdryer on the “Cool” setting will also work.


Washing your Cricut mat is necessary so you can practice accuracy methods without fretting about dust, dirt, or lint coming in the way.

We would suggest taking care of your mat’s exterior and daily cleaning it with the plans mentioned above. Additionally, resticking your Cricut mat provides the material to slide smoothly into the cutting machine and kept sound during the process.

Why pay hard-earned cash into purchasing a new mat when the old one is quite usable? Restoring and getting it sticky again just takes some minutes, and it’s not at all expensive.


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