How do you Use Magnetic Adhesive Sheets?

How do you Use Magnetic Adhesive Sheets?
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Magnetic adhesive sheets are a fun way to express your creativity! They can be used in a variety of applications. We’ll get to more on that below but first, let’s take a closer look at what magnetic adhesive sheets are and answer your questions about printing on them, cutting them, and storing them.

What are magnetic adhesive sheets?

These sheets have an adhesive side that is protected by a barrier (that you must peel off), and another side that is magnetized. For home and general craft use, the sheets are typically sold in 8.5” x 11” sheets. This is the size of a regular sheet of printer or notebook paper. The sheets are thin, lightweight, and flexible.

Can you print on magnetic adhesive sheets?

No. You cannot print on magnetic adhesive sheets.

Do not confuse magnetic paper with adhesive magnetic sheets. Some types of magnetic paper are, in fact, printable. Printable magnetized paper or tape do not have an adhesive side and are thinner than adhesive magnetic sheets. Even so, it can only be printed on under certain conditions. Magnets hold a pretty good static charge and the sheets are not overly pliable. Without reducing the charge (wiping/cleaning the sheet) and ensuring the paper feeds into the printer perfectly straight and flat (which is difficult with rollers) you can damage your printer or your project.

Adhesive magnetic sheets, on the other hand, give you far more options. The adhesive side is used to hold your photos or artwork, so you can enjoy your magnets with ease.

Can you laminate magnetic adhesive sheets?

A thin sheet of lamination won’t interfere with the magnet’s ability to stick, but cold lamination does not adhere well to the magnetized side. If you want to laminate your magnets, you have a few options.

  • Cold lamination: Laminate your photo or artwork before you remove the protective backing and adhere it to the sheet.
  • Cold lamination: Cut and stick a laminating sheet over the graphic side of your finished magnet.
  • Hot lamination: Use a laminating pouch and a heat source that coats both sides of the magnet simultaneously. The heat seals the pouch to the magnet in a way that cold lamination will not.

Remember, however, that magnets are very durable and waterproof on their own. We recommend only using a cold lamination process on your magnetic adhesive sheets. There is generally no reason to laminate both sides.

How to cut magnetic adhesive sheets

You are not limited to just square or rectangular magnets! With a good pair of scissors, a paper cutter, or a machine like the CriCut®, you can have any shape you imagine. Magnetic adhesive sheets are easy to cut, so you don’t need to worry about “chewing” the edges with the blade, as long as the blade you use is not dull.

Storing magnetic adhesive sheets

Magnets are pretty durable so you can store your sheets in a cool place, like a garage, without much worry. However, avoid extreme cold or heat, keep them in the box until use, and do not remove the protective paper until you are ready to create your magnets.

Magnetic adhesive sheets pros and cons


There are many fun ways to use these sheets, from crafts to wedding favors. Magnetic adhesive sheets are fairly inexpensive and are also easy to store. They are a great addition to your craft room and add a variety of project options for activity planners.


Magnets are extremely dangerous if swallowed. Of course, nobody in your family is going to chow down on a big fridge magnet, but it is reasonable to assume brightly colored scraps, like holes or squares that you cut out of your design, or small pieces that fall when you cut out your magnet, will be attractive to small children and pets. Ensure you keep all small magnet pieces contained and dispose of them in a waste basket with a lid as soon as possible.

How to use magnetic adhesive sheets

Making magnets is fun and easy to do at home with just a few simple tools.

You need:

  • Magnetic adhesive sheets
  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • Optional: crafting cutter machine, laminating sheets, laminating pouches and heated laminator

What to do:

  • Choose a purpose (fridge magnet, car decal, etc.).
  • Determine a size.
  • Create your graphic:
    • Using your computer, select a photo or artwork and then print it using high quality photo paper or regular paper that can be laminated. Or, use Photoshop or a digital program to create your own artwork.
    • Be sure to size the graphic properly first and allow for room to trim the edges or create borders if necessary.
    • Use a Cricut® for intricate designs.
    • Display the artwork of others privately in your home, but do not poach work from other artists if you are making magnets to sell.
  • Trim the magnetic adhesive sheet.
  • Carefully remove the protective layer.
  • Adhere you photo or graphic.
  • If you want more durability, pre-laminate your photo or graphic, or use a lamination heat pouch. Remember, cold lamination will not work well on the magnetized side.
  • That’s it! It really is that easy. Enjoy your magnets!

Common projects for magnetic adhesive sheets

The most common use of magnetic adhesive sheets is fridge magnets. However, you can also make:

  • A magnetic whiteboard. Simply attach a sheet of erasable plastic-coated paper to the adhesive side.
  • Removable car decals.
  • A game with moveable parts (like tic-tac-toe to keep older kids busy on long car rides without loosing game pieces).
  • A chart with moveable dots.
  • Affirmation magnets for your school or work locker.
  • Wedding or party favors.
  • Magnetized business cards.
  • Magnetized reminder cards (such as what a vet would give you with an emergency number on it).

Inspiration for making magnets

Need some inspiration? Look no further than these common magnets and think of ways you can make them your own.

  • Souvenir magnets are available at every gift shop. Instead of purchasing one, why not turn one of your own photos from your adventure into a magnet? That way you and your loved ones can be part of the souvenir. Be sure to get a good picture when at an amusement park, museum, aquarium, etc.
  • State/patriotic magnets are very popular. Show your patriotic pride by magnetizing a photo of yourself at a state or national monument.
  • Reminder magnets are very helpful. Save on fridge space by making one magnet with all the important numbers you need (school, poison control, vet, babysitter).
  • Affirmations were trending even before COVID-19 gave us a reason to keep focusing on the good things to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the news. Now is a great time to make magnets and place them where they can inspire you and other people. From “just breathe” on your fridge to “have hope,” or “thank you first responders” on your car, these magnets are a cheap and easy way to add a little more light in your life and the lives of others.
  • Save the date magnets can be printed business card size and cut with scissors or a paper cutter. This is a great way to encourage party, event, or wedding guests to keep their date card handy on a fridge or locker. Paper or electronic save the date cards tend to get tossed or lost.


Magnetic adhesive sheets have a sticky side protected by a backing, and a magnetized side. You cannot print on them unless you choose magnetized paper or tape. We recommend magnetic adhesive sheets, however, since they are easy to use without compromising your printer. Magnetic adhesive sheets can be laminated. You’ll get the best results with a cold lamination process on the graphic side. You can also laminate your graphic before adhering to the sheet. Use a laminating pouch (hot lamination) if you want to laminate the magnetized side. These sheets are easy to cut as long as the blade is sharp and can also be cut using a tool like the CriCut®. It’s easy to store magnetic adhesive sheets since they can be placed in cool locations like a garage. Although they are fun and easy to use, make sure to contain magnetic scraps to avoid accidental ingestion by small children or pets. To create your magnet, cut your graphic and your magnet sheet to the proper size. Carefully remove the protective backing. Adhere your graphic. Laminate if desired. There are many different projects, souvenirs, and utilities you can make. Have fun and let your imagination go wild!

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