How and Where to Sell Vinyl Stickers Online

How and Where to Sell Vinyl Stickers Online
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It’s not an easy time for many people who have been affected by the pandemic. For many, the pain is felt financially as jobs are impacted, or time is taken off work to recover from illness or isolate due to being exposed. Even before the pandemic many turned to side gigs and started businesses like making t-shirts or mugs/tumblers from home for extra income. Another popular idea is to sell vinyl stickers online. This is a low overhead (and fun) business idea that only requires a computer and printer. You can sell vinyl stickers online that you make, or you can take custom orders. Today we will discuss some of the most popular platforms, and what’s involved in selling them.

How to Sell Vinyl Stickers Online

Getting started couldn’t be easier! Simply do the following:

  1. Ensure you have a reliable computer or laptop to design your stickers.
  2. Decide if you want to sell your own artwork or to take custom orders. Be careful of copyright laws!
  3. Decide how you will ship your stickers and factor that into your pricing. You may need to charge extra for those that need their stickers shipped overnight by courier. Free shipping is a good way to attract customers but specify that the free method is for standard post, and indicate shipping duration times.
  4. Secure high-quality sticker vinyl from a reliable, reputable source – one where you can affordably buy high quantities, like packs of 100 sheets, when your business becomes a success.
  5. Start and promote your website or use a selling method for makers and home businesses.

E-commerce Platforms Where You Can Sell Vinyl Stickers Online

There are several online platforms where you can sell vinyl stickers online. Here are just a few of them:


Etsy is home to hundreds of vendors that sell vinyl stickers online. On this platform you can sell and ship stickers, or you can sell downloadable sticker designs and let the buyer print them as needed. To sell on Etsy:

  • Go to this link:
  • Scroll down until you see the open your Etsy shop button
  • Register with new credentials or connect via your Google, Facebook, or Apple account
  • Select your language, country, and currency
  • Name your shop
  • Finalize key details like your logo, open and welcome announcement, and about us section
  • Start selling!

Things to know about selling vinyl stickers on Etsy

  • Fees include listing, transaction, and payment processing. To see the fees in your country’s currency, visit the “great value” section of the “sell on Etsy” page
  • Etsy has an app as well as a desktop site
  • Etsy allows you to purchase discounted postage
  • Etsy provides support via phone, email, and a seller’s handbook


Fiverr is another place people from around the world sell vinyl stickers online.

  • Go to this link:
  • Sign up for free. This process on Fiverr is called “creating a gig”
  • Receive notification when a buyer wants one of your stickers, or downloadable sticker files
  • Fulfill the order using the Fiverr platform to track order details and communications between you and the buyer
  • Once the transaction is complete Fiverr transfers the payment to you using their escrow (buyer pays Fiverr, Fiverr pays you) system

Things to know about selling vinyl stickers on Fiverr:

  • There is a Learn from Fiverr section with courses you can buy to enhance your selling experience
  • The Learn from Fiverr courses are pay-as-you-go and do not require a subscription
  • While joining Fiverr is free, there is a 20% transaction fee
  • Despite the name, you can charge more than $5 for your services. Most sellers have a variety of packages at different price points. For example, you can design and provide one logo vinyl sticker for $5 but offer more variety and more stickers for a higher price.


For a more in-depth experience, or to sell vinyl stickers online as a serious part or full-time business, choose a platform like Shopify where you can create a logo and website, and build your brand.

  • Click on:
  • Choose or generate a business name
  • Choose a domain (custom web address)
  • Create a free logo
  • Build your store right on the platform using Shopify’s tools. Access free and paid themes and templates
  • Stock your store
  • Develop and boost your brand on social media and through ad campaigns

Some things to know about selling vinyl stickers on Shopify:

  • Shopify provides free access to resources such as:
    • Compass courses
    • Podcasts with business tips
    • A blog
    • Business guides
  • 24/7 support is available before, during, and after the free trial
  • There are three packages: basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify that range from $29USD to $299USD/mo
  • There are additional fees for leveraging payments such as in-person credit cards, Canadian credit cards, international cards, American Express, and Interact Flash
  • Shopify and Advanced Shopify allow for selling in different languages and the use of international domains
  • If your business gets really busy, you can scale up to Shopify Plus

Should you Sell Vinyl Stickers Online?

These are just three platforms where you can sell vinyl stickers online. Anyone looking for a fun, low cost side gig or hustle, or that wants an affordable way to build a brand or business, can sell vinyl stickers online. This is a business that can be run from home yet scaled up or down with ease. Should things get really busy, you can use Fiverr or any other remote team access site to get help with brand building and administrative tasks. Selling vinyl stickers online can be a remote and home-based enterprise whether your business is big or small. Since you can take orders or sell your own art, you can be as creative or as business focused as you wish. Selling vinyl stickers online is a truly flexible, affordable, scalable business with low barriers to entry.


You can sell vinyl stickers online for fun or for profit. Getting started is easy and you likely already have the computer or laptop you need to get started. Secure high-quality sticker vinyl from a reliable source that can provide small or large boxes of sticker vinyl. Decide on which platform you will use to sell vinyl stickers online. Some popular ones are Etsy and Fiverr. Shopify can be used for more serious business owners looking to develop a brand. Each platform has fees, terms and conditions that you must be aware of before getting started. Selling vinyl stickers online is an easy business to start, grow, and manage.

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