Everything You Need to Know About Making Money with Custom Stickers

Everything You Need to Know About Making Money with Custom Stickers
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Stickers. There is just something so delightful and timeless about them, isn’t there? From the bright and colorful creations of Lisa Frank to the political statements of bumper stickers, from band merch to a key item on your child’s reward or chore chart, stickers are a part of American life. They are, in fact, such a huge part of our life that many are choosing to make custom stickers as part of their gig or small business.

Why Make Custom Stickers for Your Gig?

Make no mistake, the gig economy in America is booming. Just two short years ago Forbes reported that a whopping 36+ percent of the population (about 57 million people) were doing gig work to help make ends meet, to make extra money, or to be their own boss. These gig workers are not limited to Uber, Lyft or Amazon re-selling either. Many are making money using their creative talents and selling their works on sites like Etsy and Shopify.

So, Where Does Making Custom Stickers Come In?

A gig is essentially a small business whether you drive for Lyft or craft goods in a home studio or basement. Small businesses of any size have one thing in common: controlling overhead. The lower the overhead, the higher the profit. Making custom stickers fit perfectly in the gig economy model because small business owner can use them to promote everything from podcasts to products. They can also incorporate the stickers themselves into designs on tumblers, plates, and other artwork. Don’t forget that vinyl transfer sheets also fall under the custom sticker market.

clear printable vinyl image of turtle on tumbler

Here are just a few of the many ways you can make custom stickers for your gig:

  • Make custom stickers with your logo to put on your shipping packages.
  • Make custom sayings/designs on clear stickers to put on glass candle holders.
  • Use custom stickers to detail ingredients in consumables instead of having to order pre-printed boxes.
  • Custom stickers come to the rescue again for soap and bath/body product makers since they can add stickers to generic bottles and packaging, saving tons of money over expensive, bulk-purchased customized containers.
  • Use large sheets of sticker paper to create peel-and stick signage and banners for pop-up shops or special events.
  • Use vinyl transfer paper to create your own fabric designs or to make custom t-shirts.
  • Bands can easily make custom stickers to sell at their merch table and online fan shop. Run out of stickers while on the road? No problem. Keep the design on a USB and a pack of Royal Elements sticker paper in your suitcase and print out the next batch at any copy shop.
  • Bands can also use vinyl transfer sheets to create t-shirts, hats, and bandanas.
  • Tumblers are big business; enhance yours by using waterproof sticker paper to bring your client’s requests to life. When you make custom stickers, you can easily add names, words, or even your own artwork to the tumblers.

It All Starts with Affordable Sticker Paper

We can’t stress enough how important it is for gig workers to control costs. Royal Elements understand that wholesale and bulk buying is important for gig workers, but the truth is, many wholesalers have large minimum orders that are out of the reach of small businesses.

We are committed to providing America’s gig workers with affordable sticker paper.

With Royal Elements, there are no minimum orders. You can get one box of affordable sticker paper (that can last for months depending on the size of your design and how many you need at a time). Or, save both time and money by using our subscription services. For a discounted rate we will auto ship your sticker paper, ensuring you never run out of stock.

We know that Amazon will present you with a range of competitor sticker paper options from other retailers when you click on any product in our Royal Elements store on Amazon. That’s good because having options and choice is important for small businesses. Just remember, that no matter how affordable the sticker paper is, it must be of the highest quality to prevent premature cracking, peeling, or having the ink slide off and damage your printer. Royal Elements’ affordable sticker paper is guaranteed. We are so sure of our quality that we will happily refund your money or provide store credit if you have any problems. No matter where you buy your sticker paper from, ensure it has a guarantee.

waterproof printable vinyl sticker paper inkjet on tumbler

More Things You Need to Know Before you Make Custom Stickers

Your gig is a small business and that comes with all the trappings of a larger business, just on a smaller scale. One of the most important things is a positive relationship with your suppliers and your customers’ complete satisfaction. These two things go hand in hand.

Many sellers flock to Amazon to make money, but it takes time, patience, and acumen to create a site that really works. Royal Elements ensures that the sticker paper you need is always in stock, that you receive fast shipping, and that our subscribers always save money. We are a supplier you can rely on. We are not a faceless business either. It’s easy to get in contact with us if you have questions about our products. We take our relationship with you seriously so you can take your relationship with your customers to the next level.

Client satisfaction is the only way for your gig to be successful. Whether you are making custom stickers to sell or incorporating custom stickers into other aspects of your business, your end users need a product that won’t flake, peel, or fall apart in the wash (in the case of vinyl transfer sheets on fabrics). Royal Elements products are designed with both you and your clients in mind.

We are the one-stop-shop for gig workers when it comes to making custom stickers. Rely on us for the highest quality products at affordable prices, and the best customer service on the market. Our high rating on Amazon from our many customers attests to this fact.

glossy printable vinyl inkjet on mug

Buying, Storing and Using Your Sticker Paper

Now that we have discussed the importance of making custom stickers for your gig, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to buy, store, and use your sticker paper.


Visit Royal Elements’ Amazon store and choose from among our growing list of products. We have every type of paper you need to make custom stickers including clear sticker paper, waterproof sticker paper, waterslide (adhesive sets slowly so you can position it with ease), laminating sheets to add durability, regular papers, white sticker paper, vinyl transfer sheets for light and dark fabrics, and more.

Add the item(s) to your cart and choose between the one-time or subscription options.

Check out. That’s it! You’ve bought what you need to make custom stickers for your small business.


We ship your product fast from a secure location. Your sticker paper arrives ready to use. Keep it away from curious pets that like to on chew boxes and on a shelf that is not directly under a window. While your sticker paper will hold up under most conditions, direct heat like sunlight on the box can slightly soften the adhesive. If this happens, simply move the box to a cooler location. No harm will be done.


You need access to an ink jet or laser printer (choose the sticker paper compatible with your printer) to make custom stickers at home. You can also save your designs on a USB and take it to a copy shop like Staples. Just ensure the copy assistant knows you need to load and use custom sticker paper. They may want to help you load the machine to ensure everything is facing the right way and the paper does not jam in their professional copy units.

For vinyl transfer sheets you need an iron or heat press and a firm, flat heat-resistant surface like an ironing board. The packaging on the vinyl transfer sheets tells you which temperate to aim for to get the longest-lasting transfers.

Cricut® users rejoice! Our sticker paper is compatible with the Cricut Maker, the Cricut Explore, the Cricut EasyPress and Cricut’s accessories. This enables you to print the most elaborate designs and get perfect edges when you use a Cricut product to cut your custom stickers.

CONCLUSION: Up Your Gig Game by Making Custom Stickers

We know that gigs are the way Americans are making their dollars work harder these days and we want to support you in your entrepreneurship. Make custom stickers as part of your gig, or as your gig. Thanks to the affordable sticker paper we offer and our one-time or subscription services, it’s easy and affordable to get the paper you need to make custom stickers in America.

Since we are dedicated to your success, we frequently update our products with tired-and-true tested papers. We also frequently update our blog with everything you need to know about the sticker market, how to use our products, and how compatible products, like the Cricut, work. We’ve got explainer blogs, comparison, info-based blogs and more.

Best of all, we are approachable and accessible. If you have questions about any of our sticker papers, we;re just an email away! We are happy to help make your project a money-making success.

Please subscribe to our blog and bookmark our Amazon store to keep up with the latest products and information you need to make (and make money with) custom stickers in America.


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