Amazing Tips to Waterproof and Protect DIY Printed Stickers!

Amazing Tips to Waterproof and Protect DIY Printed Stickers!
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One of the best things about having a side gig, being a project/event manager, or running a small business is being able to unleash your creativity. One of the downsides, however, is a less than ideal budget. What if you could be incredibly creative on a small budget? With Royal Elements’ DIY printable vinyl, you can!  We offer premium paper for DIY printed stickers and small self-adhesive signs. With our products you can even make waterproof stickers for things like drink tumblers, signs, glass vases, and car bumpers.


Today we will show you how affordable and easy it is to create and protect your DIY printed stickers, and remember, at Royal Elements you can always buy in small volumes. A single pack is enough for you to make many high-quality stickers.

waterproof printable vinyl on tumbler

Creating DIY Printed Stickers

Before you protect your stickers, you have to make them. This is the fun part and where you can really let your imagination go. 

  1. Check your printer. You need to determine if you require laser or inkjet paper.
  2. Decide if your DIY printed stickers will be on clear or white paper and have a matte or glossy finish. 
  3. Will you need to spend some time positioning the sticker? Then check out our waterslide paper. Available for laser or ink jet printers, you can move the sticker around until the adhesive is set.
  4. Design and lay out your stickers, and then print them.
  5. Now, it’s time to protect those stickers.


Protecting DIY Printed Stickers

Waterproof Sheets

One of the easiest ways to protect your DIY printed stickers is to print them directly onto waterproof sheets. 

Royal Elements is pleased to present our latest product, a pack of 20 glossy white waterproof sheets. For just $14.95 (and free shipping on orders over $25.00), you can simply design, print, then adhere your stickers on cups, mailboxes, notice boards, etc. 

Our glossy white waterproof sheets for DIY printed stickers are new, but we’ve also had our popular clear, and matte options for quite some time. Whichever you choose, you are assured of a great result for your waterproof stickers.

waterproof clear printable vinyl on tumbler


Clear Laminating Sheets

There will be occasions when your design needs to be suitable for indoors and outdoors, and perhaps on clothing as well. For example, DIY printed stickers for team events, bridal showers, product launches, etc. Don’t worry, Royal Elements makes it easy to use one design that can be utilized for many applications.

Just select the paper of your choice (white, glossy, or clear) and also choose our printable transfer paper and our clear laminating sheets.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Design your DIY printable stickers as detailed above
  2. Set aside your indoor stickers
  3. Cover the sheets of stickers that will be used outdoors with our self-adhesive laminating paper. This greatly increases its protection and durability. Cut out your stickers
  4. Use the transfer paper sheets to print your design and then iron it onto light fabrics, like t-shirts.


Now you have a consistent and recognizable design that you can use to promote your team, product, or business, and you did it all for less than $60 (and with free shipping!) thanks to DIY printable stickers. 

Bonus Tip: Use DIY Printable Stickers to Create Brand Identity

Side gigs are huge right now. MarketWatch notes that one third of Americans supplement their income with a side gig, and they are making increasing profits from doing so. For some this means waiting tables or driving for Uber or Lyft. For others it means creating and selling products online. Marketing can be expensive, even though it ultimately helps your sales. A great way to get the most value for your advertising dollars is to create a brand identity, and you can do that very affordably with DIY printed stickers.


With our many paper options, including laminating sheets, waterproof sheets, and fabric transfer sheets, you can not only print your logo for indoor/outdoor/fabric applications, you can alter it as needed. Your logo with a “thank you for your order” message, your logo with the order number or a “designed just for you” message, your logo in large format to display on a car panel or sign, your logo in a small format to adhere to shipping boxes or products – without DIY printed stickers, you would spend a lot of money for the same result. 

Royal Elements has Everything you Need for DIY Printed Stickers

From a great selection of products to our easy-to-follow tutorials, Royal Elements has everything you need to create DIY printed stickers. Visit our website and Amazon store today to get started.


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