All the Speciality Sticker Paper Products You Didn’t Know You Needed!

All the Speciality Sticker Paper Products You Didn’t Know You Needed!
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Anyone that loves crafts, has a side gig, or a home-based business is familiar with why they need to make and use custom stickers. It’s the low-cost, high ROI, high impact-way to enhance your products and get your logo and brand out there. Royal Elements is known for its high-quality sheets of sticker paper and we constantly add to our inventory to provide you with the best number of options for your sticker-based projects. Today we will highlight some the specialty sticker vinyl we carry and explain how to use them.

6 DIY Crafting Products for Making Stickers and Custom T-Shirts

Transfer Tape for Vinyl

Transfer tape allows you to easily transfer your cut vinyl designs onto other projects. For example, let’s say you made a logo and printed it on non-adhesive vinyl and used the Cricut® to expertly cut out your design. Now you can put your logo on a tumbler, plate, binder, or any other promotional product by using transfer tape.

Royal Elements’ speciality sticker vinyl transfer roll features 30 feet of medium tack clear vinyl. The attached alignment grid means you can quickly and easily cut the right length, then expertly line it up on whatever surface you desire. Worried about bubbles or wrinkles during the transfer? Don’t be. Our transfer tape comes with a squeegee so you can perfectly apply your designs.  Your logo or other design can be transferred to indoor or outdoor vinyl, and while it clings tightly to the surface, it can be removed when necessary (when placed on a smooth surface).

Our Amazon store has instructional videos on how to use our transfer tape.


medium tack transfer tape roll for vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is a beautiful resource to add to your collection of crafting products. With a die-cutting machine such as Cricut or Silhouette Cameo you can create amazing custom vinyl decals in any shape, size or color you could imagine! If you ever wonder how people make those awesome bumper stickers out of cut out vinyl in such intricate patterns- just know they probably used adhesive vinyl! Adhesive vinyl comes in a variety of finishes, but the most popular are glossy and matte. Usually they are suitable for outdoor use, but be sure to read the instructions to distinguish between whether it is permanent or removable glue. Permanent glue would be best for outdoor projects, whereas removable glue is most suitable for indoor DIY home decor type projects. We now have a 45 sheet pack of variety adhesive vinyl available on amazon, with 5 bonus transfer paper sheets included. This mega bundle offers 20 colors with both glossy and matte finishes with permanent adhesive glue!

royal elements adhesive sheets vinyl for circut
infographic of adhesive vinyl vs iron on htv vinyl

Waterslide Decal Paper

One of the highest rated products on our Amazon store is our waterslide paper. This is a popular custom sticker paper because it allows you to position and re-positin your design until the adhesive sets. In effect, you “slide” the decal around until you are happy with its placement.

Waterslide is a specialty sticker vinyl that comes in clear to give the finished product a “painted on” look. Using photo-realistic digital art – or even actual low-profile photographs printed on this custom sticker paper, you can create “paintings” on canvas, keychains with logos, mugs with photos, and so much more. This paper slides on any given surface, even rough ones. Since you have time to position the sticker, there is no risk of the chalky white residue that is visible from stickers that have to be peeled away to re-position.

To use this specialty sticker vinyl, all you need is a package of waterslide paper and a laser printer. Step-by-step instructions are included in the package.


clear laminate sheet for stickers

Magnetic Adhesive Sheets

In the past the only way to make small batches of magnets at home was to print your design and then transfer it to a magnetic base. Now, thanks to Royal Elements’ magnetic adhesive sheets, you can print your designs directly onto magnetized paper!

This is an outstanding custom sticker paper for fridge magnets. Anyone can use this specialty sticker vinyl for applications including (but is not limited to):

  • Small fridge calendars with special dates (birthdays, appointments, reminders) printed on them
  • Vet clinics can make magnets with their emergency numbers on them
  • Clinics can make magnets with simple instructions such as burn care
  • Household reminders for the fridge such as “Tuesday is garbage day!”
  • A cute magnet to frame your child’s artwork.
  • Custom gifts or stocking stuffers

Our magnetized custom sticker paper comes in sheets of 8.5” X 11” so you can print several small magnets or full sized ones. Your printer is protected because of the backing sheet and the thin 20 mil diameter of the paper.


magnetic adhesive sheets for wafer thin die storage car bumper magents and refridgerators
magnetic adhesive sheets for fridge magnets infographic

Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

Use our waterproof specialty sticker vinyl whenever you are creating stickers that will be exposed to the elements. This scratch, tear, and moisture-resistant paper is good for dishes, outdoor signs, bumper stickers, and more. The ink seeps deep into this custom sticker paper and takes about five minutes to dry, ensuring a long-lasting, non-fading design that holds up to water, rain, and snow. It’s also deigned to resist fading in direct sunlight.


what is printable vinyl infographic explanation glossy clear and matte differences
waterproof printable vinyl on tumbler

T-Shirt Transfer Vinyl for Dark Fabrics

Have you had trouble finding printable t-shirt transfer vinyl for dark fabrics? Not anymore! Royal Elements sells speciality heat transfer sticker paper suitable for dark fabrics. Now you can make those moody, broody t-shirts and caps on black, navy, or dark grey fabric.

This is a speciality sticker vinyl that is perfectly formulated to absorb ink and remain highly pigmented through washing and drying – that’s right, this is machine wash/dry safe. Even though this set of paper is formulated for dark fabric, you can use it on light fabrics as well (or purchase a box of Royal Elements sticker paper that is for light fabrics only).

As with all of our products, our heat transfer paper for dark fabrics is very easy to use. Simply create your design. You can do this in Word, Canva, Avery templates, Photoshop – any application or software with design capabilities will do. You can even go the route of sketching your design on paper or painting it on a small canvas, then scanning it into the computer. Once you have a .jpeg, .tiff, or other picture file, you are ready to print.

Using your home printer, print out your design. Then plug in your iron or heat press. On a clean, dry, heat-resistant surface, use the heat to transfer your design. At 350F, this only takes between 10-15 seconds.

You get 10 sheets of heat transfer paper per package, so you can make a set with the same design, or easily make complementing designs. It’s up to you! The possibilities are endless.


infographic of printable heat transfer vinyl t shirt transfer paper

How to Purchase our Custom Sticker Paper

Royal Elements serves the small business/gig market with a high-end product at an affordable price. We fill the gap between having to purchase custom sticker paper in a brick-and-mortar store and having to buy large batches wholesale. Our online store is specifically designed to save you from having to venture out every time you need to make stickers, or be stuck with a huge inventory that costs a lot of money upfront. Skip all that hassle by simply purchasing your custom sticker paper through Royal Elements.

With us, you can choose to purchase a single pack (most are under $20 each) or subscribe so you get regular shipments of the specialty sticker vinyl you need without having to stock and store large batches.  We offer discounts on subscription services, so you can easily afford the vinyl you need for your projects. There are no minimum or maximum orders.

Royal Elements’ orders are fulfilled by Amazon. This makes it easy for us to quickly ship your order anywhere in America, and for you to see honest reviews and feedback from real customers. Transparency (heh, see what we did there?) is important to us so that you, the customer, is always assured of the best product and the best customer service.

It’s easy to place an order. Simply go to our Amazon store, select your specialty sticker vinyl, select one-time purchase or subscription, and then add it to your cart. Check out, and within days you will have custom sticker paper for your craft, business, or side gig.

We stand behind every product we sell and can be reached by email if you have any questions or concerns.

After Purchase Service

Royal Elements believes in complete customer service, so that means your customer care does not stop after you make a purchase. We are committed to helping you get the most out of every sheet of custom sticker paper, which is why we also offer:

  • Instructional videos attached to products in our store
  • Detailed infographics on our website
  • A frequently updated blog with explainers, ideas, and industry knowledge
  • Facts about products, such as Cricut®, that complement our custom sticker paper
  • Sales, deals, and so much more!

But that’s not even the full extent of what we offer. Whether or not you are a Royal Elements customer, you have access to our e-book – and it’s completely free!

The Royal Elements E-Book

We are so happy to share our free e-book with you. To claim it, all we need is your name and email address. Rest assured, your privacy is protected. Royal Elements never rents, sells, or shares your information, and you can unsubscribe hassle-free at any time.

The e-book is a guide to the top 10 crafts you can make with custom sticker paper. You get step-by-step instructions, a full list of materials, and images that show how the final product can look. It’s easy to modify each product to showcase your creative side, or your branding.

Royal Elements is Your Number 1 Choice for Custom Sticker Paper

As you can see, we get very excited about anything to do with specialty sticker vinyl! This is why we have an outstanding selection of custom sticker paper in our store, along with all the information, videos, infographics, and more that you need to see your creations come to life. Whether you are already invested in the colorful world of sticker making or just getting started, rely on Royal Elements to provide the high-value products at the affordable price you need. And remember, we are here to help every step of the way.

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