9 Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of your Explore Air 2!

9 Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of your Explore Air 2!
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  1. Make sure you have at LEAST 10” of space in front and behind your Cricut so the cutting mat has enough space to move back and forth when being used in the machine. Be sure to keep the power cord out of the way when running your Cricut.

2. Setup your printer and Cricut side by side! This way you can use the Print then Cut feature more quickly and cut down time when creating.

3. Install Cricut Design Space on both your mobile device and laptop! That way you don’t have to constantly switch between devices in frustration of you see a design you like on one device.

4. Start with an easy project! Preferably with a cheaper material such as card stock or paper so you get to know the process. Don’t forget to watch your Cricut closely during use to make sure it is loaded and cutting/drawing correctly.

5. Make sure the material is loaded correctly into the cutting mat! For heat transfer vinyl a common mistake is that people cut on the wrong side (the plastic film) when they should be cutting the vinyl material side.

cricut cutting mat types

6. Get to know the different cutting mats! There are light grip, standard, and strong grip variations- get to know which one is best for what project! There is nothing more frustrating than using a strong grip mat and struggling to peel off your card stock from the mat, often resulting in tearing and leaving material stuck to the mat useless which is a pain to clean off with your scraper tools.

7. Keep your Tool Kit handy! This makes weeding and working with your projects much easier. Your Explore Air 2 has a built in console for holding your tools, both on top and under the cutting mat storage area.

8. Use cheat sheets and tutorials! Save time and money by watching videos and educating yourself on the content so that don’t burn out from frustration. Visit our blog to see quick tips and helpful articles and infographics.

9. Keep your crafting space organized and neat! Store and keep your tools, accessories, and materials in compartmentalized areas so that you aren’t constantly spending time looking for the scissors that are already in your hands.


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