7 Easy Ways to Make DIY Homemade Stickers!

7 Easy Ways to Make DIY Homemade Stickers!
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The best gifts come from the heart, but you don’t have to be a crafter, baker, or even a creative person to make memorable homemade gifts. Thanks to easy homemade stickers, you can personalize your creations or use the stickers as the gift themselves. Let’s dive into why easy homemade stickers can up your gifting game.

Easy Homemade Stickers for the DIY Enthusiasts

Love to make or bake? Then you are a DIY enthusiast, and you are going to love how easy homemade stickers take your gifts to the next level. Here are just a few suggestions on what you can do with stickers:

  • Personalize gift packaging by adding the person’s name, favorite saying, or the logo of your home business.
  • Incorporate the sticker into the gift itself, such as putting a waterproof sticker on a tumbler.
  • List allergy alerts or ingredients on your boxes of cookies or jars of preserves.
  • Tuck affirmations into the bottom of custom jewelery boxes.
  • Make homemade cards? Stickers add texture, shine and an element of surprise to your cards.

Easy Homemade Stickers as the Gift

Not crafty? No problem! With easy homemade stickers, you can quickly make and print stickers that are perfect as gifts on their own.


  • Customized labels for clothing are perfect for dancers, gymnasts, and grade school children – anyone that needs to keep track of clothing, coats, costumes, and shoes in a crowded area.
  • Shiny stickers with the person’s name on it make for fun labels for school supplies and personal items.
  • Affirmations are trending. Print your favorites onto stickers so they can put the affirmations where they need them the most (on their coffee mug, on their desk, on a mirror).
infographic of how to create DIY stickers

How to Make Easy Homemade Stickers

Easy homemade stickers come together in a matter of minutes. In fact, you should keep a supply of sticker paper on hand so you have a ready solution for last minute gifts. To make your stickers:

  • Choose your sticker paper. More on this in a moment.
  • Design time: Stickers can be designed in any format, from free-hand in MSPaint to using the fonts in MSWord; from leveraging a fully formed template on Avery.com or getting creative with the graphics in Canva. You can make big stickers, small stickers, label style stickers, sign stickers, bumper stickers and more.
  • Print your stickers using your home printer. You could also go to your local print shop and have them print on the vinyl sticker paper to have it professionally done.
  • Now you are ready to give them as gifts or use them to personalize your gifts.

Choosing Your Sticker Paper

Royal Elements has every type of paper you need to make easy homemade stickers for inkjet and laser printers. 

  • Waterslide paper: has an adhesive that doesn’t set right away. Use it for when you need to position the sticker by sliding it into place, then perhaps slide it again to make it perfect. We recommend waterslide stickers for tumblers, bumper stickers, and signs.
  • White paper: a bright white background for your designs.
  • Clear paper: crystal clear so whatever you adhere the sticker to shows through. Great for when you need to layer your design on a textured or colored surface.
  • Waterproof paper: durable and strong, and for use anywhere your sticker will come into contact with water, rain, or the elements. Great for cups, tumblers, vases, bumper stickers, etc.
  • Laminating sheets: use in conjunction with standard sticker paper to make it more waterproof and durable. No laminating machine needed, just add a laminating sheet on top of your printed stickers using a peel and stick application.
  • Glossy paper: for a high-shine finish. This is the best sticker paper for printing photos.
  • Standard transfer paper: for your iron-on designs. Transfers beautifully onto cotton or cotton/poly blends. Go ahead and make those team t-shirts or that tote bag for grandma with a cute picture of her grandchild!
  • Light fabric transfer paper: multipurpose transfer sheets for more delicate and thinner fabrics.

What’s the Best Part About Easy Homemade Stickers?


Gifts from the heart are truly priceless, but supplies come at a cost. At Royal Elements, however, that cost is more than affordable. With full packs of sticker paper starting at just $9.95, and most packages under $20, you will have more than enough supplies to make several sticker-based gifts… and have sticker paper left over for the next round of gifts. You can get even more savings when you choose to auto ship.  Royal Elements makes buying sticker paper quick and convenient through Amazon.

Make Your Easy Homemade Stickers Today

It couldn’t be easier to make homemade stickers to enhance, or to use as, gifts. Get started today at http://amazon.com/royalelements 


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