3 EASY Ways to Customize DIY Tumblers with Printable Vinyl!

3 EASY Ways to Customize DIY Tumblers with Printable Vinyl!
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Clear, glossy, and matte sticker paper all have unique properties that are useful for a wide variety of crafts and projects.

Whether you want to make custom decals for your tumblers or create your own bumper sticker, all of them can a fun way to bring life to almost any object.

One added benefit of Royal Elements sticker paper is that they are all waterproof and resilient, so you won’t need to worry about running ink or flimsy stickers that fade or tear.

Matte sticker paper gives your craft a plain paper look, which is great for labels or creating an antique look for your decals.

Our matte sticker paper soaks up the ink incredibly well and can even be put through the dishwasher. This particular type of paper tends to hold up the best against harsh conditions such as rain, direct sunlight, and scratches.

Glossy sticker paper gives off a beautiful glow which really livens up your printed artwork.

It's smooth feel in combination with the shiny look resembles photo paper.

This is best suited for any decal that you want to really stand out and shine.

Light reflects off of the sticker paper and creates a luminous glow which can compliment your decal nicely.

Clear sticker paper is best suited for crafts where you don’t want the background to be interrupted.

The sticker paper has a milky-clear look which can be added on top of a layer of other artwork to complement it without intervening with its outline.

This is best suited for white or light colored items, but the ink displays quite boldly even against darker backgrounds.



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