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Best Ink For Printable Vinyl Stickers

The best kind of inkjet ink to use for printable vinyl stickers is dye-based ink in most cases.

This is the most vibrant solution that does not bleed or run – however it will fade in direct sunlight and is not 100% waterproof (unless properly sealed with a clear sealant or laminating sheet).

Laser printers are also compatible with printable vinyl, however they are more expensive and used less for printable vinyl in the crafting community.

Inkjet VS Laser Printer For Printable Vinyl

Inkjet printers are the best choice to use for printable vinyl because of the vibrancy and cheaper cost as compared to laser printers.

Although most printable vinyl brands state on their packaging “inkjet and laser printer compatible” there are cases where laser printers are not able to be used due to the high temperature when printing with laser toner.

Laser toner is more waterproof and durable, though there is a chance that the vinyl will melt during the printing process.

However, many customers are able to use laser printers with printable vinyl with no issues, so it could be a viable option for your situation.

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Dye-Based Inks:

  • Color Intensity: Dye-based inks are highly recommended to produce vibrant and colorful prints on printable vinyl, although they are generally less durable and fade-resistant compared to pigment-based inks.
  • Suitable for Indoor Use: Dye-based inks are suitable for temporary or indoor applications where longevity and durability are not primary concerns, such as custom decals, stickers, and labels for indoor use.
  • Compatibility: Dye-based inks are compatible with most inkjet printers and printable vinyl materials, but they may require additional spraying with a sealant or covering your printed sticker with a laminating sheet (or both if you want to go the extra mile!) to enhance the durability and water resistance of the printed design.

Pigment-Based Inks:

  • Durability: Pigment-based inks are NOT recommended for printing on printable vinyl even though their durability, fade resistance, and water resistance properties are greater. This is because black pigment ink often runs or fails to dry due to the incompatible coating on the top of the printable vinyl.
  • Color Vibrancy: Pigment-based inks produce less vibrant although more long-lasting prints that are resistant to fading, scratching, and water damage, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications except for printable vinyl.
  • Compatibility: Pigment-based inks are compatible with most inkjet printers and printable vinyl materials, ensuring optimal print quality and longevity of the printed design.
  • Tips for Printing On Printable Vinyl
  • Adjust Printer Settings: Adjust the printer settings to the appropriate paper type (i.e., “Glossy Photo Paper” for glossy and clear printable vinyl stickers) and quality settings (generally “Best” under media and quality) for optimal print results on printable vinyl.
  • Allow Ink to Dry: After printing, allow the ink to dry for a few minutes before cutting or handling the printable vinyl to prevent smudging or smearing of the printed design.
  • Print Test Page: Always print a test page on regular paper before printing on printable vinyl to check the print quality, colors, and alignment of your design.
  • Feeding Tray: Use the feeding tray (usually in the rear) so the printable vinyl feeds directly into the printer without being rolled up or curved so that jamming is prevented. Feed one sheet at a time, avoiding printing multiple pages at once. 


To read our comprehensive guide on how to use printable vinyl, check out this blog article we wrote.


In general, it’s always good to adjust your printer settings, feed the printable vinyl sheets one per time, and seal or laminate your stickers to provide the maximum protection from the elements such as rain and sunlight.

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Happy crafting!



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